Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Party leader

Labour Leadership race explained

Labour Leadership race explained

far from denying the deficit we must tackle it

far from denying the deficit we must tackle it

 public ownership does not mean state control

public ownership does not mean state control

I am just an ordinary person trying to do an ordinary job. — Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn is the only candidate sticking to the line that the banks were to blame and he is reaping the benefit. Not least because he is absolutely right. — Larry Elliott

As people wake up to the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn actually being able to win the Labour leadership, the reaction has become increasingly hysterical, especially from elements of the Labour establishment. — John McDonnell

Sunday smear of the day: Jeremy Corbyn is taking us back to the bad old days, failed state nationalisation.

Not true. Jeremy Corbyn has questioned monopolies like rail, electricity, water. Questioned why we are making public investment in rail infrastructure to benefit private companies. He has suggested public ownership, where we all have a stake, open coops, collaborative commons.

I believe in public ownership, but I have never favoured the remote nationalised model that prevailed in the post-war era. Like a majority of the population and a majority of even Tory voters, I want the railways back in public ownership.

But public control should mean just that, not simply state control: so we should have passengers, rail workers and government too, co-operatively running the railways to ensure they are run in our interests and not for private profit.

This model should replace both the old Labour model of top-down operation by central diktat and Tories favoured model of unaccountable privatised operators running our public services for their own ends.

The public support public ownership, recognise the failure of privatisation of railways and electricity.

East Coast train at Kings Cross

East Coast train at Kings Cross

East Coast Mainline was in public owner, it was well run, returned a billion pounds to the Treasury.

Last year Tories handed East Coast Mainline to Richard Branson and Stagecoach.

Public ownership does not have to be nationalisation of the Big Six, indeed that would be the wrong approach. Far better would be community owned and controlled local grids, into which feed renewables guaranteed a fair price, consumers pay a fair price, surplus generation is fed to other local grids via the National Grid (in public ownership or a owned by the local grids or a mix of the two), any profit ploughed back into the local grid or funds local community projects. The Big Six would not be able to compete with local grids and would go out of business. Money would be available to be spent in and revive the local economy. In Germany there are several hundred local grids. Last year E.ON stated it could not compete with local grids.

Yesterday (Monday) we had Barry Sherman call for suspension of the leadership election because the wrong people were registering as supporters of the Labour Party, ie people who would vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Barry Sherman is a supporter of Liz Kendall. To her credit, speaking on Wato, Liz Kendall did not call for suspension, she said it was good people were registering an interest.

Barry Sherman claimed Labour MPs were not happy with the new electoral system. This only goes to show how out of touch are Labour MPs and that we need to see a wholesale clear out.

Jermy Corbyn welcomes so many people are taking an interest. And as he says, this goes beyond the Parliamentary Labour Party, beyond the Labour Party. This is real democracy at work, inclusive, involving people, engaging with people.

Harriet Harman has called upon local Labour parties and MPs to weed out people known to them.

Imagine for one moment this happening in Russia or a Third World Country. There would be international outcry at crude attempts to rig the outcome of an election.

Yesterday the odious Alistair Campbell joined in the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. He described it as madness for the Labour Party to elect Jeremy Corbyn. Well at least we would have someone of integrity, which is more than can be said for Alistair Campbell

Riding on the coattails of Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell helps Blair, for a fee of course, to improve the image of ruthless dictators whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent victims, peaceful protesters.

In the last few weeks, Jack Straw and Tony Blair have attacked Jeremy Corbyn. Add in Alistair Campbell and that is three war criminals. Are all three worried that if there is the evidence, Jeremy Cobyn would agree to Tony Blair being put on trial for war crimes?

Today, it was the turn of Peter Hain, a man who would sell his grandmother, to attack Jeremy Corbyn, who he claimed lacked credibility, parroted what is now a well worn groove, that it is to take the Labour Party backwards and yet ironically, bemoaned the lack of any radical policies.

Who needs the Murdoch controlled media, when Old Guard Labour will do Murdoch’s dirty business for him.

Jeremy Corby unelectable

Jeremy Corby unelectable

We hear time and time again Jeremy Corbyn cannot win elections. That no doubt explains why he won Islington with an increased majority, when many of the Labour Old Guard could not even hold on to what until then were rock solid safe Labour seats, in Labour strongholds.

packed meetings

packed meetings

And what of the packed meetings? We are told they are deluded.

The Labour Old Guard have demonstrated they cannot win elections, they have lost two elections, with the last election being one of the worst ever results for Labour.

The public are sick of politics businesses as usual, the overwhelming vast majority of politicians self-serving scum, whores for big business and bankers, with rare exceptions such as Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air, no spin doctors, no advisers, no on message, no looking over the shoulder at what Murdoch and Lord Rothermere may say. A politician of integrity, a politician who understands democracy, real  democracy, participatory democracy, engagement with the people, not the sham democracy we have been palmed off with, tick a box every few years, then keep quiet. People wish to see him elected, as a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the direction of politics.

Austerity has failed, failed that is unless you are one of the 1% who are doing nicely.

We used to have a prosperous working class, now we have minimum wage, zero hours, de-skilled workers, reliant upon tax credits. With no money to spend, our town centres are dying.

Austerity is not an accident, nor is it for the short term. It is part of the neo-liberal agenda to smash workers, smash democracy, drive wages down to the level of India or China. Forget minimum wage, many are working as serfs for apps, where once we had Trade Unions negotiating higher wages, atomised isolated workers are now bidding against each other to drive wages down.

The system is collapsing, but instead of the wealthy bearing the brunt of the cuts, after all it was they who caused the crisis in 2008 not the poor, austerity is being used as a cover for Shock Doctrine, it is the poor who are being hit with welfare cuts, students saddled with a lifetime of debt for wanting a decent education, pensioners facing pension cuts and being forced to work until they drop, libraries closed, art funding cut, hospitals starved of funding, waiting lists growing.

All the conditions that caused the banking crisis of 2008 are in place, banks have ever more toxic instruments in place. Only this time around, there is no money left to bail out the banks.

In Greece we are seeing the social catastrophe of austerity. And a further wave of privatisations, pension cuts, tax hikes is being forced on Greece, because they had the audacity to believe another world to be possible.

Tidjane Thiam, the CEO of Prudential, spelled out the true meaning of austerity at the Davos forum in 2012. Unions are the ‘enemy of young people’ and a minimum wage a ‘machine to destroy jobs’. He want to see more austerity. J P Morgan spelt it out in 2013, for the neo-liberal agenda to succeed, democracy must be destroyed. In other words, democracy must be destroyed for J P Morgan to survive.

As the Greeks have discovered, there is no Geneva Convention to protect us from the banks, from their riot police and tear gas. They will quite happily trigger a run on the banks to bring a democratic country to its knees, as they did in Cyprus in 2013 and Greece this summer.

They own the media, the politicians, but they do not own us. More and more of us are prepared to take to the streets face down the riot cops, the tear gas.

There is the hope, they completely lack public support. Parties like Syriza are prepared to stand up and be counted. They may have been forced into temporary retreat, the Fourth Reich may have occupied Greece, but they will not be there for ever.

In England there was no alternative. Tweedledee v Tweedledum, puppets of the bankers, only too willing to do their bidding. Democracy a sham. Tick a box, which puppet would you like for the next five years.

Enter Jeremy Corbyn. Now there is hope, a chance of real change. And because he is willing to offer change, that is why he is being attacked, and those attacks will only get worse.

In the unlikely event were Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham to win the Labour leadership race, it will be more of the same. Labour will be unelectable for the foreseeable future. But even were they to win an election, nothing would change.

Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the opportunity for real change, a once in lifetime opportunity. That is why his meetings are packed, why people are registering as Labour Party supporters, they want to see change, they want to be part of that change.

And it is not only Parliament, people will take to the streets.

Jeremy Corbyn addressed the massive anti-austerity protest in London in June, as did Russell Brand, Charlotte Church, Caroline Lucas. Where was the Labour Front Bench?

The deadline to register as a Labour Party supporter is midday Wednesday 12 August 2015.

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

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