Staycation Live 2015

Staycation Live 2015

Staycation Live 2015

Staycation Live on Saturday was a disappointment, not up to its usual high standards. Last night, I had second thoughts whether or not to go today, but decided give it a go.

I was lucky to catch the train to Guildford. I had in mind one time,1248,  when I arrived at the station, it was 1244, four minutes earlier.

At Guildford a long wait for a train to Godalming, almost an hour. Dysfunctional Sunday train service. More people on the station than I see in the week, apart from rush hour, and yet hardly any trains running and the trains that are running, are packed.

With almost an hour to wait, I killed time by chatting to Shaun running the FCB coffee kiosk on Platform 2. Excellent cappuccino.

My train was Platform 2, therefore it was hop on the train.

Usually, only me and a few other people alight at Godalming. Not today. The hordes piled off, all heading to Staycation Live.

No one playing, I had missed the first act, and so I had a wander around.



I was disappointed to find the Thai and veggie stalls had exactly the same offerings as the day before.

As I had the veggie offering yesterday, I tried the Thai. noodles, I asked could I have rice as well, they added rice, and for good measure, two tiny crispy spring rolls. It was nicer than what I had off the veggie stall on Saturday. I was horrified though it was served in a polystyrene box and with plastic spoon.

Godalming Town Council must tighten up on its environmental standards and bring Staycation Live into line with other festivals where they have much higher environmental standards.

Card boxes and wooden forks are now mainstream, These must be minimum standards for Staycation Live, not plastic, and absolutely no way polystyrene.

Captain Flapcap

Captain Flapcap

Captain Flapcap were a strange mix of boring monotonous beat and instrumental, which surprisingly worked. They only thought to bring 20 CDs, which were snapped up within a minute. They need to be on bandcamp.

cappuccino and zinger at Cafe Mila

cappuccino and zinger at Cafe Mila

So hot. Time for a zinger at Cafe Mila. I had not intended to be long. But I was offered a coffee, to seek my view. It was ok, but not in the same league as what I had had earlier at FCB Artisan Coffee at Guildford Station.

Neil heading up Soundation

Neil heading up Soundation

Neil plays in the High Street in Guildford, a little below Guildford House, or of late, near Harris + Hoole in North Street. It was good therefore to see him heading up his reggae band Soundation I missed the first part of his set being longer at Cafe Mila than I had intended.

Laila Pell

Laila Pell

I had looked periodically in the cloisters. each time I walked straight back out, it was that bad. Laila Pell was the exception, and sadly I missed part of her set. She was on acoustic guitar, then changed to keyboards. She was good, someone with talent, singing mainly her own songs.

I then went up to the church for cream teas. They had sold out of scones. I think they had only down 20, or was it more, I cannot remember, but not many, and clearly not enough. They ran out last year, though then found a hidden store. But why so few? And serving tea in polystyrene cups to save on washing up!



I listened  to the last act Leatherat sat outside the church. They made a pig’s ear of Whisky in the Jar. Irish jig, sea shanties, meets heavy metal. A raucous noise. They were dreadful.

Yesterday, Staycation Live continued in various venues around Godalming. This evening the Red Lion.

More people than yesterday, but still the park clean and tidy.

Woody Wonders Twig-Pencils

Woody Wonders Twig-Pencils

On leaving, I bought a pencil off Woody Wonders Twig-Pencils.

I could have stayed another hour, as it had been a lovely sunny day and was still warm and sunny, indeed I was tempted to stay, but a train at 1856, if I stayed another hour, it would be starting to get cool, and at the back of my mind was the chaos of last night, delayed trains.

Train was three minutes late, only about ten minutes wait for my train at Guildford, then about the same for a bus.

Gretchen Peters was playing Holy Trinity in Guildford this evening. I could have gone, but forgot all about it on my way home. Plus, I lacked the programme and did not know what time it started. I checked as I was writing the programme, it does not state the time.

Today was better than Saturday, but not as good as previous years.

The cloisters was handled by the Boiler Room in Guildford. The Boiler Room is a music venue. Why then the acts so bad? Not exactly a good advertisement for the Boiler Room as a music venue.

One year a recording studio in Guildford handled the cloisters.

I suggest next year, ask the West End Centre in Aldershot to handle the cloisters, as they have a proven track record as a music venue.

I do no know why the main stage was so poor this year, as same organiser, and usually they find very good acts.

I was asked to make a few suggestions, so here goes:

For the cloisters, I can find better playing on the streets in Guildford (a lot of rubbish too).

On Friday Faldie was playing in the High Street in Guildford. He is an absolute must for Staycation Live.

A quality coffee van is an absolute must, and a noticeable absence. Whether they would be available but try Jimmy Bean or HoBo Co.

For food, Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage in Guildford and Curries from Home.

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