Train delays at Godalming

On arrival at Guildford Station, no train to Godalming, train cancelled. No 1312 train to Haslemere

I decided to walk along the river through the town and pick up the bus to Godalming.

It probably only got me there marginally earlier, but in light of return journey it was probably a wise decision, as possibly no later train either.

Return from Godalming a nightmare.

2010 train showed running late, at 2013, then nothing. A second train at 2029, also showed delay.

Announcements that trains delayed delayed due to signal failures, otherwise nothing.

Previous day, chaos at Guildford, announcement all trains cancelled other than those showed as running.

With no trains showed running enquires made, but got nowhere. Trains would be displayed, then removed.

A very very long wait. Two empty trains passed through.

Eventually at 2134, a train pulled up.

During the long wait, no information displayed, no announcements made what was happening, when a train likely to turn up. On the train, no announcement, no apology. No announcement that passengers entitled to compensation or how to claim.

As there were no trains, taxis should have been laid on.

At Guildford, in light of chaos previous day, enquiries made.

A fire in a signal box Thursday. But if Thursday, why no buses laid on to provide alternative service?

Whilst waiting, a lady told everyone to register as support of Labour Party for a one off fee of £3, vote for Jeremy Corbyn, let’s nationalise the railways.

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

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