Staycation Live 2015

local wildlife

local wildlife

I timed it that I would arrive at Guildford Station, just in time to catch a train to Godalming.  The train was cancelled. Rather than wait for the next train, I decided to walk along the River Wey, through the town  and pick up the bus to Godalming.

It was then a walk along the River Wey to the park by the river, main stage the bandstand and the cloisters an acoustic set (at least that was the set up last year).



Scintilas  was playing. They were not good.

A stroll to the cloisters. Kids playing they were dire.

It was then a wander around to see what there was, picking up a programme on the way.

Fencing in one corner. A beer tent, but why Carlsberg? C’mon, no excuse at a local festival for serving rubbish when there are local beers available. But yes, they did also have real ales. A motley slection of food, including a hog roast, vegitaran and Thai.

Riot Act

Riot Act

Riot Act were unbelievably bad.

Time to check out the cloisters.

Marcus Coyne was something like an hour or more late. Not good.

tea and cake

tea and cake

Having already had something to eat, I decided to wander to Cafe Mila and have afternoon tea.

Future Dub Project

Future Dub Project

On return, Future Dub Project the best so far.I caught their last two numbers, a pity I missed earlier stuff, they then played two more.  It was annoying church bells were downing them out.

Long delay until the next act. That was  a feature of the day, long delays between acts, the delay longer than their performances. Only four acts on the band stand, I guess it was to pad it out, else it would have been over by four o’clock.

Time for another wander around. The cloisters was already packing up.

I was curious one stall, pencils in coppiced wood.

Martin Harley

Martin Harley

The Martin Harley Band were in a league of their own. May as well missed the rest of the festival and come for the last act. They could play. That in itself a novelty. Folksy-hill-billy-blues. Very good blues and Martin Harley  an excellent blues guitarist.

CD a tenner, I was offered three for twenty quid.  I bought three, Grow Your Own, Drum Roll for Somersaults and  Mojo Fix.

The Martin Harley Band  seemed to be the only act actually selling CDs. Not that the others would have been worth buying if they had.

I was curious if on bandcamp. Used to be but no longer. Why not, I did not discover.

Staycation Live is an excellent live music event, at least has been in the past. Today was a grave disappointment, not up to the standard of past years. With the exception of The Martin Harley Band it was not worth attending.

Food needs to be improved. Invite the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage in Guildford,  Curries From Home and the local butcher who does the excellent hog roast during Godalming Food Festival

Last year Jewelia played in the cloisters. I was very surprised she had not been invited back to play the main stage. A great loss to Staycation Live she was not invited back.

I saw I had plenty of time to visit Waitrose, catch a bus at nearly eight o’clock, only I did not wish to wait that long, best go to the station and catch a train.

Fate intervened, and interesting conversation with a couple. Would Jeremy Corbyn be a good leader? We decided yes, as progressive policies and a genuine alternative to the Tories.  We chatted for about an hour

I had no idea what time the trains as had arrived by bus.

A train 2010, I would have missed but delayed, showing 2013, if I hurried across, I would make it. It never turned up. Showing delayed. No information, no announcements, other than to state the blindingly obvious, train delayed.

Queries were made, but got nowhere.

Eventually a train turned up at 2134.

Fifteen minute wait at Guildford for next train at 2200.

Whilst waiting for the trains, one lady told everyone, register as Labour Party supporter, vote Jeremy Corbyn, nationalise the railways.

More or less same conversion as earlier. We need Jeremy Corby, we need progressive radical policies.

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

Staycation Live is a two day event. Let’s hope Staycation Live Sunday better than Saturday.

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