Afternoon in Guildford

Alice in Wonderland 150 years

Alice in Wonderland 150 years

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat

Town Bridge

Town Bridge

Town Bridge

Town Bridge

Much warmer than of late, a pleasant warm and sunny afternoon.

I had hoped to have lunch at the Guildford Institute, that is if they were still serving, as otherwise a wasted trip to Guildford.

I found they had stopped mid-July, no lunch until September. The library closed until September.

Excellent lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage. They have opened a takeaway higher up the High Street a little way past the Oxfam Bookshop on the opposite side of the road. As McDonald’s has closed, yippee, I suggested they stuck a poster on the boarded-up shop front, Thai Takeaway with a big arrow.

Oxfam Bookshop closed, no staff, and yet plenty of staff in the Oxfam shop across the road. Not beyond the wit of man for a couple of the staff to cross the road? The Oxfam shop selling the disgusting peanut butter padded out with palm oil. Do they care? Big business charity with big business practices.

Excellent photographic exhibition in Guildford House (location of Tourist Information). Actually a mixed bag. Photos in the back room not impressive. I could have supplied them with better. The two front rooms, very impressive photos. I did wonder, was two different exhibitions. I asked, and was told no.

Cappuccino and flapjack in Glutton & Glee. Cappuccino acceptable, but not of the quality when Shaun was there. Prices are not acceptable, a fiver for a cappuccino and flapjack. Half an hour before they closed, I fancied a fresh fruit juice. No, too late. The furniture very dilapidated. They close at five o’clock. In the summer when people around, far too early. Since changing hands, I cannot see them staying in business.

I had popped to the market before lunch. I should have popped back after lunch before wandering around the town. Big mistake. The same mistake I made a few weeks ago. By the time I got there, stalls closed. Had I wandered down the street probably those lower down still open.

New restaurant by entrance to Castle Grounds surprisingly packed. Maybe a special promotion. I looked at the menu. Very overpriced. How long will it last? They usually last about a year, then close down.

Castle Grounds reading Post-Capitalism. If the excellent analysis in the introduction anything to go by, then well worth reading. On a par with This Changes Everything,  Revolution and Sacred Economics. They compliment each other quite well.

This weekend in Guildford events to celebrate 150th Anniversary of publication of Alice in Wonderland. Very bad timing as coincides with Staycation Live in Godalming this weekend. There are also Alice exhibitions in Holy Trinity and St Mary’s, if you can find them open. A bit dumb, exhibitions in two churches that are rarely open.

Caught a train at Guildford Station within seconds of it leaving.

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