Aldershot Live Music Day



If you are going to hold a live music event, then at least do the job properly.

No lessons have been learnt from the failure of previous events.

Early in the week there was no publicity for the event, apart from a banner at the bandstand. And the only people who would have seen this is those alighting off the No 1 bus and walking by the bandstand into the town or cutting across to catch buses to Farnham.

What is the purpose of the event? Is it to attract people into the town? If yes, then why a stage at Wastegate? If three stages, then one should be an acoustic set, top end of Union Street outside Caffe Macchiato. People can then sit have a coffee and enjoy the music.

Music? Previous years the music has been dire, a lot of noise and enthusiasm but little talent.

Two acts at the bandstand were dire.



On the stage bottom end of Union street, a trio, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and wind instrument, were quite good. Good enough to inquire had they recorded anything. Confusing as to who they actually were as the name was changed whilst they were playing.

It may of course been there were some good acts, but with the exception of the trio, better to be found playing on the street in Guildford.

Why is the Tony Tresco ice cream van permitted, spewing out diesel fumes?

If well run, Tony Tresco ice cream van would not be permitted, there would be food stalls, quality food, not shit burgers, on the green by the bandstand.

The Saturday market in Union Street, what the imbecile leader of the council claims a huge success, was as dead as ever.

Next weekend: Staycation Live in Godalming.

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2 Responses to “Aldershot Live Music Day”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    You should have gone to the Ash Festival. Probably a thousand people there with great music. All raising money for Phyllis Tuckwill.

  2. keithpp Says:

    You are probably correct, Ash better.

    Anywhere better than Aldershot Live Music Day.

    Last month Farnham Carnival far better, and I expect this weekend Staycation Live to be well worth going to (fingers cross warm and sunny and no rain).

    But then it organised by the dysfunctional local council, so what can we expect?

    It would be better if whatever money is allocated is passed to West End Centre and ask them to organise the event.

    The local comic claims huge success, hundreds attended. As usual complete bullshit.

    I guess the hack can count to ten on fingers, then jumps to hundred.

    A dozen maybe by bottom stage, if take away the Nepalese who are always hanging around the bandstand, not many people there either.

    Of what I saw, music dire, the trio were good.

    Talking to local businesses, they confirmed no publicity, they saw no extra people, and questioned why a stage at Wastegate.

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