FairCoop Launches FairCoin Week

FairCoin Week

FairCoin Week

To encourage greater use of cryptocurrency FairCoin, FairCoop has launched FairCoin Week, 24-31 July 2015.

During FairCoin Week shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, fair trade shops, self-employed people, and cooperatives, etc around the world will be invited to accept FairCoins in their transactions and verify first hand how this fair trade cryptocurrency can be a very useful tool in their economic exchanges.

The initiative also aims to encourage consumers to use FairCoin, show its real use in businesses, and contribute to their integration within the society we are helping to transform.

Faircoin Week is a call out to all those individuals and collectives committed to the values that FairCoop promotes to participate in this week of action!

Taking advantage of the FairCoin Week, FairCoop has launched the web portal http://use.fair-coin.org as a reference to facilitate and promote the use of FairCoin.

On this site useful content on how to participate in the initiative, and other useful information for those users who want to know where to go to try FairCoin, what businesses are already using the system, and how and where to spend their digital currencies.

As active participants and as local nodes of FairCoop, you can contribute to this FairCoin Week by promoting it among your local contacts; and particularly by finding shops aligned with the Faircoop principles which can participate in the event and adopt this cryptocurrency. We invite you to get involved in this action and start to visualize the network we are forming together!

As a shop you can join the FairCoin Week and start to make the new economic system a reality! You help us to promote Faircoin and through http://use.fair-coin.org we help you to spread your project.

As a user, stay tuned to the updates on this website, and if you want you can prepare for the Faircoin Week by:

FairCoop will give away 40 FairCoin for you to participate in FairCoin Week!

With the aim of promoting FairCoin Week, FairCoop has allocated a budget of 40,000 FAIR to invite anyone to have a fairtrade drink or meal and pay with FairCoin.

FairCoop will distribute 40 FairCoins to anyone who wants to participate in this action from anywhere in the world. The plan is to reach a thousand participants using FairCoin.

To participate in this collective action, you‘ll need to find somewhere in the town or city where you are going to be between 24 and 31 July, that accepts FairCoin.

It is important that you help to spread awareness of FairCoin Week by raising awareness of the proposal to a bar or shop that you trust, and encourage them to to accept this fair cryptocurrency.

You may feel now all this is almost symbolic, but it could soon become a globally accepted monetary system that allows us to share in economic solidarity and social justice. Now you can contribute to this next step!

Find all the information you need to participate at


** So, about the 40 FairCoins… How does that work?**

1) First, download a FairCoin wallet

  • If it’s to buy something in a physical shop we suggest you use the Android Wallet https://fair.to/androidwallet which you can use with your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • If you want to use your FairCoins in the long term, we suggest you also download one of the pc/mac wallets:

2) To request your 40 free FairCoins, complete this form where you provide your personal details and the FairCoin address you’ve taken from your wallet.

3) If you want to learn more about how the FairCoin wallet works, here are some links and tutorials:

4) To find shops and businesses near you that accept FairCoin, use the directory: http://use.fair-coin.org/. Although as stated earlier, ideally you‘ll invite your favourite shop or bar to participate in this initiative, enabling you to spend your 40 FAIR with them.

You can also buy more FairCoin at http://getfaircoin.net/

Whilst the concept is excellent, usage is cumbersome. At least operation on computer is not easy. Android app much simpler, one app transfers to money to another app.

The failed crowd funder to buy out Greek debt, then relaunched, but still ill-thought, would be better a crowd fund, buy FairCoins, then inject into community projects in Greece.

Kick start an alternative currency.

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2 Responses to “FairCoop Launches FairCoin Week”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    There are two places in th UK to use this. One in the Isle of Wight, and another in Yorkshire.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Which is why FairCoin Week, to encourage use of FairCoin.

    FairCoin should be seen as BitCoin 2.0.

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