Lunch at Italian coffee shop Bottega dei Sapori

roasted red pepper soup with goats cheese

roasted red pepper soup with goats cheese





Excellent roasted red pepper soup, followed by tortellini in the Italian coffee shop Bottega dei Sapori. Service was appalling. Why, I do not know, as they were not busy and service is not usually a problem.

A pleasant afternoon, I sat out in the garden. No Smoking, which is excellent, as too many places allow smoking in gardens. Last year there was a rambling rose along the wall. Sadly no more. The garden though has been spoilt by umbrellas. Not even necessary as shade cast by a beech tree.

I waited and waited. No one came. Only one table occupied inside, one outside (two counting my table).

After waiting sometime, I went to the front of the shop and ordered.

I waited some more. Eventually my soup came. No utensils. I asked the girl. Instead of going and getting she went to two other tables to take their orders. I went to help myself, she handed me a fork and spoon. Not sure what the fork was for.

Bread with the soup, but no butter. When the girl came back, I asked for butter. She went off and got butter, but no knife.

My soup finished, she came and asked was I ready for my next course.

Learning they did not close until 5-30, I decided to get what I needed in Alton, then either go to Mog’s Deli, or pop back.

Mog’s Deli, where I would have liked to have tried their coffee, had closed. It only opened last year.

Back to Bottega dei Sapori, where I had a pot of tea and a tart. It was with reluctance I had tea, as teapigs, and teapigs is not quality tea.

I wish they would get better tea. They pride themselves on sourcing quality ingredients, then serve teapigs, not only serve but have on sale. Teapigs is not quality tea. Marketing hype does not make quality tea.

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One Response to “Lunch at Italian coffee shop Bottega dei Sapori”

  1. keithpp Says:

    On last visit, the service was awful, today exemplary. Why the service was so bad on the last visit, I do not know, as not the norm. At a guess, maybe a new girl who had only started and did not know what she was doing.

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