Appalling treatment of elderly lady by Lidl manager

Lidll Aldershot pack of six rashers of bacon reduced

Lidll Aldershot pack of six rashers of bacon reduced

Yesterday evening (Thursday) the usual piss poor service in Lidl Aldershot, but that was not the half of it.

An elderly lady two before me in the queue, was querying why she was being charged full price for a pack of bacon that was reduced. She knew it was reduced, as that was why she had chosen it. No reduction sticker, but as she carefully explained, it must have fallen off. Store manager intervened, called her a liar, told the trainee cashier to charge her full price. Lady quite rightly refused to pay.

The customer should be given the benefit of the doubt, if there is a doubt, then check. The manager should have sent a runner to check, but instead called the lady a liar, and then walked off.  There were long queues at the check-outs, but instead of manning one, the manager walked away.

I knew the lady was correct. The reason why I knew, was because their were two different  packs of bacon on the shelves alongside each other, six rashers and twelve rashers, and  they had bright orange stickers 30% off on the front of each pack. I also knew because I had one in my hand.

I draw this to the attention of the cashier, waved it in the air,and said the lady was correct. The cashier apologised, said there was nothing he could do, as the manager had overruled him and then walked off.

I tried to catch up with the lady on leaving the store, but she was nowhere in sight.

Lidl should apologise to this lady, and give a her £100 as a  goodwill gesture. It will not be difficult to identify her, My till receipt shows a time of 1816, she was two in front of me, and she paid by card.

This is not a one off with this manager. She has a bad reputation with customers. I have had problems with her, I know others who have had problems with her.

The service in this store is appalling. Always long queues at the check-outs, not uncommon to find one till, a queue half way down the store, not attempt to open additional tills.

It is long overdue for Lidl and this manager to part company.

This lunchtime I checked my pack of six rashers of bacon. Half the sticker was no longer there, which backs up what the lady had said, her sticker must have fallen off.


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