Afternoon in Farnham

tea van in Gostrey Meadow

tea van in Gostrey Meadow

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

A pleasant sunny afternoon in Farnham.

A music festival by the Sports Centre. Dire would be an understatement.

A tea van in Gostrey Meadow, tables and chairs set out. At first I thought HoBo Co. sadly not, the tea van that was at the Farnham Carnival a couple of weeks ago. Disappointment that not HoBo Co, on the other hand, far better than the Tony Fresco ice cream van with engine running.

It was a pity neither Jimmy Bean nor HoBo Co were at the Godalming Food Festival last weekend, of at Guildford farmers market on Tuesday.

Lovely and peaceful and quiet in the Parish Church. A wedding had just departed. A bit mean to not leave their flowers.

A long walk around the 23 acre Bishop’s Meadow. The ill-fated experiment of last year, plough then sow wild flower seeds, last time I looked, was bare earth, now although not as the rest of the meadow, has recovered as grass, not weeds.

Any time soon the hay will be mowed and gathered in.

I walked through the field with horses. One was watching me in the distance, but did not come over.

Very late lunch in the fish n chip shop.

I did think maybe a cake or scone and tea in Lion and Lamb Courtyard, then shop in Waitrose, but as it was a pleasant evening, a walk around Manor Field.

Then catch the bus.

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