Were only Brits massacred in Tunisia?

I ask the question, because from the media coverage, or at least the BBC (gutter press probably even worse), as that is the impression given.

If other nationalities were killed, then the focus should be on people killed.

Maybe it was a tour resort dominated by British package holiday makers. I do not know, as I have never been there.

We heard of the bravery of those who tried to save friends and relatives. We did not hear of locals who tried to intervene, locals risking their lives to help strangers.

The gunmen, I say gunmen, as although the initial reporting said a single gunman who was killed, eye witnesses say three, the gunmen targeted Westerners, not locals.


They target Westerners because of our policies in the Middle East, our support of repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Israel.

The target us because war criminal Tony Blair destroyed Iraq.

It was Tony Blair who created ISIS.

Our corrupt politicians sidle up to the corrupt House of Saud, sell them weapons. Saudi Arabia carries out public beheadings, no different to ISIS.

I see where Russell Brand is coming from, when he criticised the minute’s silence. I feel he was wrong. It was to show respect for those innocent people killed. Where though I agree, is the hypocrisy of those who created the conditions for them to be killed.

The gutter press of course took it entirely out of context, another opportunity to smear Russell Brand stir up hatred.

A moving encounter between Russell Brand and a friend of some of the victims. The man was big enough to hold an intelligent dialogue with Russell Brand.

Canon Andrew White, for sometime based in Iraq, now Jordan and Israel, has been prepared to talk to all sides, anyone who will talk to him. In Iraq he had the respect of Sunnis and Shias. As he has said, it is easy to talk to your friends, we have to learn to talk to our enemies.

I suggest Canon Andrew White is invited onto an extended edition of the Trews. It will be an interesting conversation.

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2 Responses to “Were only Brits massacred in Tunisia?”

  1. keithpp Says:

    11-30am this morning, though I was not aware of in advance, a minute silence to mark those killed in the 7/7 Islamist terrorism attacks in London ten years ago.

    I recall going through London on the Tube line a few weeks later, the train was deserted ad the station where the atrocity took place empty.

    At the ceremony today to respect those innocent people killed was war criminal Tony Blair. It is sickening that he was there, and only serves to emphases the point being made by Russell Brand re the hypocrisy.

    And does war criminal Tony Blair accept any responsibility over what happened in Iraq? Of course not.


  2. keithpp Says:

    All Brits have been advised to leave Tunisia with immediate effect.

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