Godalming Food Festival

Godalming Food Festival

Godalming Food Festival

Church Street and the High Street lined with stalls.

The Star was serving beer from barrels in the street, tables and chairs in the street.

Why not make this an everyday occurrence, the centre of Godalming traffic free? Something for Godalming Town Council to ponder about, seek views.

Although very busy I do not think there was as many people as last year and unlike last year, there were not stalls impossible to get near. But then it was a very hot day, a day for sitting in the garden, in the shade, under a tree.







Ascot Ales

Ascot Ales

Apart from stalls selling many varieties of food from Hog Roast, to Thai, to Indian, to paella, to Greek there was also beer stalls, fruit and vegetable stalls, coffee, bread, cakes.

I had Hog Roast (the local butcher), which as last year excellent, and they are not stingy with portion size.

Later I popped back to the butcher and picked up a pork chop. I think last year I had sausages.

After the Hog Roast, visit to The Star and have half a pint of a local ale.

On the way a chat to a coffee roaster.

Making coffee is a skilled job (one reason why the coffee in Starbucks or Costa is undrinkable). Coffee roasting an even more skilled job. If a coffee roaster is established by people with no skill in coffee roasting, not having worked under a master coffee roaster, what then the quality?

A veg box scheme imports pineapples from a grower. A grower who was dumped by a major supermarket chain. Not Fairtrade, because they would rather set higher standards with the grower then a better price is paid. Same applies to coffee roasters.

Organic label? If imported, monoculture, imported inputs, should it really be classed as organic? The standards are set too low.

The standards for some of stalls should be raised. It is not acceptable to be serving food in polystyrene boxes when card alternatives are available.

Dylan’s Ice Cream had a van. Surprising not busy.

No coffee van. Invite HoBo Co or Jimmy Bean, and a must for Staycation Live.

Curries from Home a must for Godalming Food Festival. If you have never eaten Curries from Home, you have never had a decent Indian meal.

A Greek stall. No Greek flag Vote NO.

On my way in, popped in the Parish Church, a candle lit, a prayer card writ, Greek people find the courage to vote NO, please overcome the fear that is driving you to vote YES. Vote no against the destruction of Greece by the EU, terrorism by the creditors.

I am pleased to say, every single person I spoke to supported Greeks voting <a href="http://NO vote“>NO to EU in the referendum on Sunday.

Music from the Pepperpot was dire, which probably explains why no one listening. I can find better playing in the High Street in Guildford. Late year there was someone better playing in the street. She was then invited to play in the Pepperpot. Why was she not invited back? Invite Jewelia to play.

In Angel Court a Punch and Judy Show.

Afternoon tea and cake at Cafe Mila, but first a zinger.

bread shop closed

bread shop closed

Many businesses are being driven out of Godalming by rents that are too high. Now many empty shops. I was shocked to see the baker in the centre of Godalming had closed. Though I was told later they had relocated.

Some years ago, there was an indy book shop opposite Waterstone’s. They were driven out by high rents.

One thing the Town Council should do, publish rents. Successful rent appeals have a database to work on. Keeps rents down.

Slug and Lettuce has closed, which is no bad thing. But it has been replaced by a grotty clothes chain which is not good for Godalming.

Godalming need to look to Frome, a town council taken over by ordinary citizens, though to be fair to the existing council, they do better than most councils, for example Godalming Food Festival, Staycation Live.

Abysmal piss-poor service in Waitrose. Bloody stupid scheme, know in advance what you want to buy (by clicking on-line) then get 20% off (if you have a My Waitrose card).

Bus to Guildford, then train.

The Keystone is becoming a disgrace. Fly posters at the front, graffiti on the back wall, awful music blaring out into the street.

Next event in Godalming: Staycation Live (sometime last weekend in July or first weekend in August)

Strongly recommend Guildford hold a food festival first Tuesday of August as special event for Guildford Summer Festival.


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