Economic terrorism

We’ve made hope return to Europe. — Yanis Varoufakis

Sunday’s referendum will take place under a kind of financial warfare not seen in the history of modern states. — Paul Mason

Greece is being subjected to economic terrorism by the EU.

In a deliberate attempt to force a YES vote, last weekend  ECB turned off the money to the Greek banks, forcing a run on the banks and banks to be closed for five days.

Paul Mason:

The Greek government was forced to close its banks after the European Central Bank, whose job is technically to keep them open, refused to do so. The never-taxed and never-registered broadcasters of Greece did the rest, spreading panic, and intensifying it where it had already taken hold.

Threats if Greece votes NO, will be kicked out of the euro, kicked out of EU.

Martin Schultz, German  President of the European Parliament, has told Greeks to vote YES, to remove Syrizas, and replace with a government that will do the bidding of the EU. What he is calling for is a coup against a democratically elected government and the EU is only too will to use economic terrorism to achieve their objectives of a coup.

Schulz on Thursday told German Handelsblatt business daily that “new elections would be necessary if the Greek people vote for the reform programme and thus for remaining in the eurozone and Tsipras, as a logical consequence, resigns.”

The time between the departure of Tsipras’ hard-left SYRIZA party and new elections would have to “be bridged with a technocratic government, so that we can continue to negotiate,” Schulz was quoted as saying.

“If this transitional government reaches a reasonable agreement with the creditors, then Syrizas time would be over,” he said. “Then Greece has another chance.”

On the one hand the corrupt elites, wanting to destroy Greece, dictating how Greeks should vote.

On the other hand, across Europe, support for Greece in their stand against the EU.

Greece No More Looting

Greece No More Looting

On Friday, Greek flag was unfurled in front of the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum, the looting of Greece has to stop, vote NO.

mass  rally in Athens in support of NO vote

mass rally in Athens in support of NO vote

In Athens, a massive demonstration calling for a NO vote.

In London today and across Europe, demonstrations in support of the Greek people and a NO vote.

All we can do now is hope and pray that Greeks show courage, do not buckle under intimidation, back their government and loud and clear say NO to he EU.

It is not only Greece, at stake across Europe is democracy.

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3 Responses to “Economic terrorism”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Economic terrorism by EU has destroyed Greek tourist industry. One island has only 10% hotel occupancy, 99% cancellation rate.

    A Greek oligarch has called for an EU coup to replace Greek government.

    A yes will mean an EU puppet government running Greece.

    Fear is being used by EU and Greek oligarchs to force a yes vote.

    Under EU imposed austerity Greece will never recover.

    No is a vote for democracy and recovery, yes is a vote for austerity and enslavement.

    #oki #Greece #EU #euro

  2. keithpp Says:

    Whatever the result OXI has won

  3. keithpp Says:

    Last week Martin Shultz called on the Greek government to resign if a yes vote.

    Half way through the count and it looks like a resounding NO, the Greeks are backing their government against EU.

    Time for Shultz to resign.

    Already, having not succeeded in intimidating the Greek people, the clarion call from EU is to kick Greece out of the euro, out of the EU.

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