We are all Greeks now

The referendum is the opportunity for Greeks to reject EU-IMF-German bullying.

Greeks must stand firm against EU-IMF-German bullying, and the rest of Europe must stand with them.

Michel Bauwens:

To general astonishment, the response of the “institutions”, led by the IMF, was to demand even tougher measures to achieve the same targets. These include more severe increases in VAT, a lessening of the tax burden on enterprises and greater pension savings. If these demands are met, the government will not even be able to claim that it has shifted some of the increased tax burden away from workers and the poor.

For Greece as a whole, the prospect of a deal achieved on this basis would be simply appalling. The country would be forced to adopt harsh austerity measures dictated by the lenders, without any realistic possibility of substantial debt relief, or of a significant investment programme. The “institutions” are once again attempting to impose the policies that have failed abysmally since 2010, causing huge contraction of GDP, vast unemployment and mass impoverishment. It would be a national disaster accompanied by the complete humiliation of the Syriza government.

EU, is a Big Business lobby group, nothing more.

Common standards, open borders, free trade, common currency, trans-European highways, are all there to benefit Big Business.

For the last five years, IMF-EU-Germany has destroyed the Greek economy:

  • GDP shrunk by 25%
  • debt up from 125% of GDP to 175%
  • high unemployment
  • high suicide rate
  • incraese in food banks

Now IMF-EU-Germany are trying to put the jackboot in.

They did the same to Cyprus two years ago (I was in Athens at the time, then Cyprus).

It is not for society to bail out the banks when banks take a risk and it fails.

IMF-EU-Germany are determined to crush Syriza as they do not want their ideas to spread.

Greece is prepared to face down EU, something Cyrus lacked the courage to do.

If Cyprus had stood firm, as the Greeks must, it would have caused the euro to collapse, and Cyprus was only 5% of the euro.

If Greece is forced out with heads held high, yes, like Iceland they will have a few bad years then like Iceland they will recover.

Cyprus has no future whilst the EU jackboot crushes the life out of the country.

Greece is being told, agree to destroy your country or we will do it for you.

Greece has had the audacity to consult their own people which was more than Cyprus did.

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3 Responses to “We are all Greeks now”

  1. We are all Greeks now | Dirk Lagast Says:

    […] Sourced through Scoop.it from: keithpp.wordpress.com […]

  2. keithpp Says:

    Capital controls within a monetary union are a contradiction in terms. The Greek government opposes the very concept. — Yanis Varoufakis

    Greece is being told, agree to destroy your country or we will do it for you.

    Greece has had the audacity to consult their own people which was more than Cyprus did.

    Excellent interview with Yanis Varoufakis on BBC lunchtime news The World This Weekend, where he sets the record straight and demolishes the many lies being propagated about Greece (especially by the BBC).


    Greece has put realistic proposals on the table, it is the bullies who are not listening.

    European Central Bank has leaked that they intend Monday to cut off funding to Greek banks whilst they have liquidity problems, thus further stepping up the pressure on Greece.

    There is no mechanism for Greece (or any other country) to exit the euro.

    Yanis Varoufakiscan can walk down the street, and get a pat on the back, words of encouragement, stand firm. Can anyone imagine the same happening to George Osborne? More like a slap in his smug face.

    Whilst Yanis Varoufakis was exemplary in the interview, the BBC interviewer came across as a moron reading from a script. He did not appear to understand his own questions, let alone the reasoned answers.

    A must listen to interview.


  3. keithpp Says:

    Where is my European Union?

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