Oxfam peanut butter

Liberation peanut butter

Liberation peanut butter

Oxfam does not only sell second books and clothes, usually overpriced, they also sell produce.

On sale peanut butter.  Plastic jar, padded out with sugar, palm oil, and salt.

Three additives that are extremely unhealthy. Palm oil  is high in saturated fat, so high, it is higher than pig fat. In its natural form, it is solid, and used to be used as axle grease. Until that is someone discovered how to chemically process it.

These ingredients are used to bulk out foods, because they are cheap.

Palm oil is not only on food, it is also widely used in cosmetics.

Palm oil apart from being bad for our health, is also bad for the environment. There is no such thing as sustainable palm oil production.

I took a jar to the counter and expressed my strong disgust. Not that they will care. Oxfam is another Big Business charity, its product aid.

I did not notice a Fairtrade logo, but at a  guess, it was part of the Fairtrade con.

I say Oxfam peanut butter. Strictly speaking it was Liberation peanut butter, and yes, it did have Fairtrade logo. But as we see with this one example Fairtrade is not synonymous with quality, health or good for the environment

If you this peanut butter on sale, please object,

If you see any product with palm oil, please object.

Quality peanuts butter is ground peanuts, nothing added, though occasionally you may find sea salt.

A a lady later in a health food shop said, it is a pity people do not pay more attention to what is on the label.

If you want quality peanut butter, look out for Meridian or Suma. If not on sale, ask why not.  Quality food shops will sell one or the other, sometimes both

Meridian peanut butter

Meridian peanut butter

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2 Responses to “Oxfam peanut butter”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Contrast with peanut butter from Suma. No palm oil.


  2. keithpp Says:

    In Guildford, Oxfam shop in Quarry Street does not sell this disgusting peanut butter. The Oxfam shop at the top of the High Street has it on sale.

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