Aldershot Saturday market

Aldershot holds a street market on a Thursday. As street markets go it is not great, mainly tat, a couple of fruit and vegetable stalls making a visit worthwhile.

A good market is an asset to a town, it brings people in. The Aldershot market has the opposite effect, retailers say their taking fall due to the large number of filthy Nepalese hanging around.

Since the council has taken over the market, it has gone downhill, with stallholders seeing their pitch fees rise.

Saturday market is an experiment.

The first one was VE Day 70. No publicity.

Half a dozen stalls, if that, hardly anyone on the street.

Prior to the market, Aldershot on a Saturday afternoon always dead, more people in Farnnham in Lion and Lamb Courtyard. Nothing has changed.

The stall fees are supposed to be low, whilst it is trialled. Stallholders have already seen pitch fees rise, no explanation why.

Stallholders are already pulling out.

Fruit and vegetable stall was left with large amount of unsold produce to cart away.

The local council is seeing the street markets as a cash cow, rather than what is good for the market, what is good for the town. The stallholders have been forced to pay for unwanted gazebos, pitch fees have gone up, charged more for the bins.

If the council tries to claim a success they are as usual lying to the public.

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2 Responses to “Aldershot Saturday market”

  1. keithpp Says:

    As predicted, the local council lies about the success of the Aldershot Saturday market.

    Writing in the latest issue of the local council comic Arena (Summer 2015), the leader of the council claims the Saturday market a success.

    ‘Both our town centres have also been boosted with the addition of a Saturday market in Aldershot and a Sunday market in Farnborough, with preliminary results encouraging.’

    So encouraging, stallholders are already pulling out and others considering their position.

    Does he believe his own lies? Or does he think the public are stupid?

  2. keithpp Says:

    Saturday market in Aldershot, last week six stalls, few people on the street, today four stalls. Mid-afternoon, fruit and vegetable stall stocked with produce.

    The imbecile leader of the council claims the Saturday market a huge success.

    As one of the stallholders commented, shows he never visits the market. Asked was he a stand up comedian.

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