Afternoon in Farnham

riverside walk

riverside walk

The usual appalling piss-poor service from Stagecoach. I missed one bus, running a couple of minutes early, next bus failed to turn up, as did the next. Half an hour wait for a bus that is supposed to run every ten minutes. As a result, I missed my bus for Farnham.

Alighting at Aldershot, music in the bandstand, though there had been no publicity for whatever event it was.

There was now no hurry to get to Farnham. I had missed the butcher. I went to check out the market, and pick up fruit and vegetables, having missed the market in Guildford on Friday, and unlikely to make the greengrocer in Farnham.

A Saturday market in Aldershot is being trialled. Hardly a  success. Half a dozen stalls at best, few people on the street. The local council and the compliant local comic can no doubt be relied upon to claim a success.

Farnham a  little after five o’clock, as the fish n chip shop in Downing Street open, I decided upon fish n chips. It was good, but ruined by screaming out of control brats.

I could have gone for a walk, but the bus service in the evening not good.

I possibly, if could get around quick, make the 1847 bus, but decided on the 1922.

Waitrose pick your own offer. Sounds good. Sounds too good to be true. What do you do, decide what you will have on offer? Er no, you have to go on-line before you shop and pick your offers. Who dreamt up such a bloody stupid scheme. I can see chaos at the checkouts.

I lacked Waitrose card. No free coffee, no free newspaper.

1922 bus arrived at 1918. It left at 1922. Why have a timetable?

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