Afternoon in Guildford



A very pleasant sunny afternoon.

Where for lunch?

Guildford Institute is now out as the lady who prepared the excellent vegetarian meals has left. The Royal Oak, I fancy their kebabs but has the chef left, I have tried twice and no luck. The Keystone is out, the chef has left and the food gone rapidly downhill, as has the pub. Roast dinner at Debenham’s?

Debenham’s can, when they try, do an excellent roast dinner, but it is very variable. Last few times I have looked it has been turkey. Today was roast pork. The pork was excellent (and usually is), although the crackling was not crisp, the vegetables were stone cold. The wifi was not working, or rather it was but not connecting to anything. Cheesecake was excellent.

It was then a long walk along the River Wey to St Catherine’s Lock.

It was go to the market, then go for a walk, or walk then market.

I went for a walk, never made it to the market, nor the other things I meant to do.

I made the train with ten seconds to spare.

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