FairPhone and The Phone Co-op

Jonathon Porritt usually has something interesting to say. But this is waffle. Even worse it is little more than an advertising plug for FairPhone and The Phone Co-op without actually saying anything useful.

FairPhone is an interesting concept. A phone where the raw materials are ethically sourced (or they try their best), ethically produced (or at least better than most facilities), is easily dismantled and repaired, the parts recycled and future proof. It can also take two sim cards and software switch between the two. The operating system Android.

The first phones were crowdsourced, sufficient up-front orders to make production a viable proposition.

Only what was intended, and what was actually produced, not quite the same.

The phone is 3G not 4G, Android not possible to upgrade.

Currently FairPhone II is in the design stage and hopefully these issues will be addressed.

It also needs a FM radio.

FairPhone II is expected to ship autumn 2015.

A phone should be something you own, not something you throw away, adding to the growing problem of electrical waste.

The Phone Co-op is a telecomms company. It provides landline, mobile and internet access.

We are ripped off big time by the Big Three mobile phone companies, as any one who has obtained a third party sim from Lebara or Lycamobile knows all too well.

The Big Three also lock users into expensive monthly contracts, supply locked phones.

Far batter deal is pay as you go, pay up front for an unlocked phone.

It is better to buy FairPhone direct not through The Phone Co-op, as it was on a monthly contract (though this may have changed) and then obtain a sim separately.

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