Stop TTIP dismantling democracy



Big business already has too much power, they whistle and corrupt politicians in the pocket of Big Business jump.

TTIP will take this to a whole new level. Through secret courts, Big Business will be able to override democratic decisions on labour rights, environmental protection, banking regulation, intellectual property, provision of health care and education.

TTIP is dressed up as a trade deal, it has very little to do with trade. It is about mass transfer of power from the people to Global Corporations.

Do we really wish to hand yet more power to Monsanto, HSBC?

A vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday could kill TTIP dead.

We must ensure Members of the European Parliament are listening to the people not Global Corporations.

Hundreds of organisations in the UK and across the EU have come together to build the huge, united opposition to TTIP. If you have not already signed the petition opposing TTIP, then please sign. Every name counts.

London and other EU capitals are crawling with corporate lobbyists, whores who work for Big Business. They see TTIP as a chance to consolidate their grip on decisions that affect everyone of us on ever single day. TTIP would allow global corporations to sue the government if decisions go against them.

The corrupt European Commission is negotiating TTIP in secret.

97% of EU citizens who responded to an official consultation on TTIP said they did not want secret trade courts to decide on social and environmental standards. The Commission says it’s listening, but it hasn’t committed to prevent companies challenging laws they don’t like, or demanding compensation if their “future anticipated profits” are affected by democratic decisions. If the EU was listening they would scrap TTIP. But then who expects the EU to listen when it is a club for Big Business?

Members of the European Parliament have the power to reject any trade treaty, and they only have days to vote to REJECT TTIP. Over 450 organisations have already built a massive ‘European Citizens’ Initiative’ petition against the TTIP power grab, and if you and I join them now in huge numbers, we can demand MEPs put democracy before corporate power.

Saying no to TTIP is only the start. We have to from the bottom up restructure society in order that it is no longer controlled by Big Business.

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    It is not a vote on TTIP that should be blocked, it is TTIP that should be blocked.

    Shame on the disgraceful undemocratic behaviour of European Parliament.

    Yet another example of why EU should be broken up and replaced by a loose alliance of nation states.

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    What’s wrong with ISDS? Romania’s environment & history under attack

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