Ada Colau Mayor of Barcelona

This man is a criminal and you should treat him as such. — Ada Colau, referring to a bankster

Two weeks ago saw local elections in Spain.

The result was a landslide for Podemos and groups and individuals associated with Podemos and sharing a similar grass roots agenda.

It was like Syriza in Greece, only this time in Spain, and local not national.

Ada Colau, an activist, was elected Mayor of Barcelona.

As with Greece, the elite, the corrupt, who act for the banks, have been hammered, to be replaced by grass roots activists, people working with the people, acting for the people.

Democracy is not about casting a vote every five years or whenever the electoral cycle, democracy is about direct participation, cities working with the people, linking together city by city to effect global change.

Democracy is not corrupt political elites, hand in glove with the criminal banksters, imposing their system that benefits none but themselves upon the rest of society.

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One Response to “Ada Colau Mayor of Barcelona”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Putting to one side the distraction on tourists, though I agree with getting the balance right, good on the Spanish elections and the new regime in Barcelona.

    I was pleased to see citizen groups have won in many other cities, especially Santiago de Compostela where the regional government for Galicia had banned rooftop solar.

    I talked to many people in Santiago de Compestela and found a lot of support for Podemos.

    People want to see change.

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