Afternoon in Guildford

Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag

Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag

Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag

Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag

Yesterday, in the afternoon, the temperature rapidly rose.

This morning rain, though not the heavy downpour and thunderstorm that was forecast.

The rain meant very humid in Guildford, and hot as the temperature rose as the sun came out.

Yellow Iris in flower on the banks of the River Wey.

The best way into Guildford, is along the river, then up the High Street.

The lady who did the excellent Friday  lunches at the Guildford Institute has now left. Yes, it is still possible to have lunch at the Guildford Institute, but I do not recommend.

I was going to have a coffee at Harris + Hoole, but decided too hot to wander the streets, but then, would I make the train, possibly not, so Harris + Hoole it was.

A freddo cappuccino would have been nice. What of a frappé . No. It was suggested an ice coffee. I settled on iced tea.

From Guildford, one of the clapped-out, Third World cattle trucks refurbished. Now clean seats, but fewer seats. More like a high density urban train, or a Tube train, the emphasis on standing and cramming in as many passengers as possible. Still no toilets. Completely unsuitable for the Guildford-Aldershot-Ascot line. They should put these refurbished trains elsewhere and bring back the trains that were on this route.

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