Cappuccino at Jamie’s Coffee Lounge

cappuccino at Jamie's Coffee Lounge

cappuccino at Jamie’s Coffee Lounge

 Jamie's Coffee Lounge at Gatwick North Terminal

Jamie’s Coffee Lounge at Gatwick North Terminal

Jamie Oliver at Gatwick

Jamie Oliver at Gatwick

Gatwick cannot cope with existing passenger flow, and yet is demanding a second runway.

Arrive late at night. No trains. Conversely early flight, no trains.

Net result is many people are stranded at Gatwick overnight, or arrive late at  from a late flight, or there for an early flight on the morning.

For these passengers, very few park benches to kip for the night.

There was a few on an upper floor at North Terminal near entrance to Hampton Hotel, but now the entire floor appears boarded off for building work.

Seats near  Jamie’s Coffee Lounge by the entrance to North Terminal.

Seats overlooking arrivals in South Terminal.

This lack of seats where people can kip down is a disgrace.

A sleepless night on a very hard uncomfortable metal park bench by Jamie’s Coffee Lounge. Not helped by a Greek-American woman flying fom Seattle to Greek Islands via Chicago and London keeping everyone awake until 3am with her loud voice.

By now, turning very cold.  Shivering under blanket and coat

4am, arrivals start coming into the terminal.

4am, leather sofa comes free at  Jamie’s Coffee Lounge.

Bliss compared with a hard metal park bench. And warmer too.

By now noisy.

Jamie’s Coffee Lounge functions all night.

Very busy until around 2am. By 4am not busy.

6-30am, time to stir.

The least could do was buy a cappuccino.

Not bad, though by no means the best. Certainly much better than the disgusting coffee served by Starbucks or Costa.

Jamie’s Coffee Lounge used to be a van with a few seats. Has now expanded into a lounge. The van is still there.

In the morning it is chaos at Gatwick Station. Once again indicating Gatwick could not cope with a second runway.

There is a possibility of Reading-Gatwick train running 24-hours, but not until May 2016.

There should be no second runway at Gatwick or a third runway at Heathrow. Either would be an environmental disaster.  Any expansion should be at regional airports.

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3 Responses to “Cappuccino at Jamie’s Coffee Lounge”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    No cabs?

  2. keithpp Says:

    I did not see cabs on the menu at Jamie Oliver, but then I was only taking a coffee as a thank you and to see what it was like.

  3. Peter Coulson Says:


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