Afternoon at Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay

Alight at bus stop for Crystal Springs Beach Hotel on Paralimni-Pernera road.

Walk down road alongside villas to coast. One way to Crystal Springs beach, the other to Sirena Bay.

The Crystal Springs beach has been re-engineered. You cannot re-engineer beaches. You may think you can, but you cannot. Beaches are a complex interaction of coastal erosion, wind, tides and currents. Re-engineering a beach in one location, has unforeseen consequences elsewhere on a coast.

The spoil from the re-engineered beach has been dumped at the side of the Pernera-Paralimni road, where it is an eyesore and environmental hazard, with dust blowing everywhere in the wind.

Sirena Bay is one of those places where one can easily spend an afternoon.

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