No tourists

Protaras deserted beach

Protaras deserted beach

Protaras deserted beach

Protaras deserted beach

Several days ago a friend posted a couple of pictures of the beach. It was deserted.

No tourists.

Now middle of third week in May.

Looking along the beach yesterday, rows of empty sunbeds.

This morning little better.

Boats that sail from the pier twice a day, of three boats only one sailing.

Last May boats only sailing in the morning, not in the afternoon.

This May worse than last May, which was worse than May the year before, which was bad, the year Cyprus faced economic crisis when EU decided to trash the Cypriot economy.

Hotels are sitting empty, staff not paid, one hotel group has gone bust.

All very much as predicted in a report last year, that if the problems were not addressed, the collapse of Cypriot tourist economy would accelerate.

look out point sails hang in tatters

look out point sails hang in tatters

A few years ago, at great expense, a coastal path was constructed along the beach. It has proved to be very successful, but. This time of year, it would be a delight, spring wild flowers. A couple of years ago, the wild flowers were all scraped away with a  digger. They have never recovered. Overlooking the beach, a look out point, shaded with sails. Or was. The sails hang in tatters. All winter, but no attempt to repair the sails.

These are but a  few examples indicative of why the tourist industry is collapsing.

Each year, more tourists from the bottom end of the market which drive away the quality tourists.

Each year, more fast food takeaways.

Dependency upon any one country makes highly vulnerable to economic situation in that country. It used to be the Brits, of late the Russians.

Valdimir Putin has done an excellent job of destroying the Russian economy. Russian economy collapsed, rouble collapsed, no Russian tourists.

Dependency upon a handful of big tour companies, rather than intelligent use of internet and direct bookings, means on a whim, tourist flow turned off as easily as turning a tap.

All inclusive, means no money finds its way into the local economy.

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9 Responses to “No tourists”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Today (Wedneday) even fewer tourists on sunbeds compared with yesterday.

    One hotel group has gone bust. A rumour circulating is that a second hotel group is in trouble, not able to service its debt, that will default this month.

    What then?

    If it fails to pay, the bank could withdraw its loan and the hotel group goes bust.

    The impact on the local economy would be minimal, all-inclusive, cheap immigrant labour. But it would have an impact on the image of Cyprus and the viability of its tourist industry.

    If it goes under, will it take down the bank?

    Or the myth could be maintained, all is well, the bank lends more money, the loan is serviced. But all this does is store up problems for the future. An even bigger crash.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Late morning Friday rows and rows of empty sunbeds on the beach. A few more people by midday, but not many more.

    The best hotels on the island, many empty sunbeds.

    The exception Nicolas Tavern, busy.

  3. keithpp Says:

    Late Saturday morning, beach deserted.

    On the other hand, Saturday night street busy. Though first night it has been busy.

  4. keithpp Says:

    Last year criticism too many Russian tourists. This year no Russian tourists.

    It is myth Russian tourists not spending any money. They are spending money. On excursions, on quality products. What they are not spending money on is cheap tourist tat, in bad bars.

    What this indicates is a rethink, overdependence on one country, one tour operator, on the bad bars.

  5. keithpp Says:

    Sunday first day beach not deserted, beach is busy.

    Sunday is the day Greek Cypriots take a day trip to the beach. They bring everything bar the kitchen sink. It is unfortunate though they cannot be bothered to take their rubbish home.

    The bins by the end of the day overflowing. Why can the Town Hall not arrange extra collections at weekends when they know the beach will be busy?

    Next Sunday Water Festival on the beach.

  6. keithpp Says:

    Monday a few more people on the sunbeds, but as last week, rows of empty sunbeds.

  7. keithpp Says:

    Monday, rows and rows of empty sunbeds.

    The only difference to last week, a few more people on the sunbeds.

    Public holiday in England, school half-term. Would expect to see a spike in tourists. Nada.

  8. keithpp Says:

    Wednesday a boat trip along the coast.

    On return trip, lunchtime, looking at the beach, rows and rows of empty sunbeds.

  9. keithpp Says:

    Friday and Saturday, rows and rows of empty sunbeds.

    Lunchtime on Saturday, a few more people on the sunbeds.

    This is end of last week in May, and still no tourists.

    Saturday night Protaras manic. It was a though the fun fair had come to town. A party atmosphere, could hardly move in the street.

    But in many ways an illusion, the centre packed, but walk past the centre and empty.

    Verano had live muic and was packed (usually empty).

    This is what Protaras should be, quality, to bring in quality.

    It has a very long way to go.

    Sunday and Monday will be packed with Cypriots as Sunday Water Festival and Monday a Public Holiday.

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