Afternoon in Godalming

old Bible in Godalming Parish Church

old Bible in Godalming Parish Church

James Edward Oglethorpe and Gertrude Jekyll

James Edward Oglethorpe and Gertrude Jekyll



River Wey

River Wey

Church Street

Church Street

A strange mixed day, sunny and warm, cloudy and windy and cool.

Godalming Parish Church churchyard a lovely hay meadow. This is what the churchyard at Farnham Parish Church churchyard should look like. Why oh why did they cut the grass?

Two interesting characters tucked away in the corner in Godalming Parish Church.

James Edward Oglethorpe (1696-1785) founder of the US State of Georgia.

Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932), artist, gardener and craftswoman.

A walk alongside the River Wey.

A new cafe has opened in Church Street. It appeared busy, but misleading, people sat by the window gave the impression busy, in reality it was empty. Did they have to paint the outside of the shop bright red? An appalling eyesore in Church Street, out of character with the street. Some people have appalling bad taste and complete lack of sense of aesthetics. Is the street not a Conservation Area? If yes, local council should take action.

Lunch at Cafe Mila.

I am always amazed to find The Godalming Food Company still in business. A very upmarket food shop. Ludicrously expensive and always empty.

Did they have coffee beans? Yes they did, but no mention of roast date. I put a big question mark against any coffee roaster who does not list the roast date. A best by date is meaningless. A check was made, and I was given a roast date. Whether the roast date, or when bought in, a moot point.

Coffee when roasted, leave a week, then an optimum window of three weeks to enjoy the coffee at its best.

I was told roast date 23 April, St George’s Day. Almost three weeks ago. Marginal.

Two different bags of coffee beans.

The Godalming Blend, a blend of Ugandan, Colombian and Sumatran coffee. Does The Godalming Food Shop know enough about coffee to dictate the blend? I doubt it. They are not a quality coffee shop.

Happy Coffee Bean (the name sufficient to put one off), arabica coffee from Uganda. Concept good, support a coffee coop in Uganda, Ugandan Bukonzo. It is also local and locally roasted, circulating money within the local economy.

Fair Trade is well past its sell by date. Many roasters now import direct from known coffee estates.

Saturday 4 July 2015 Godalming Street Food Festival.

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