Anti-austerity protest

Massive anti-austerity protest in London today.

Not a beep from the BBC, not a beep from the mainstream media. Not a beep that is until some lunatic defaced a war memorial to the women of WWII. And what a time to deface a war memorial, when the country is marking VE Day 70, the end of WWII in Europe seventy years ago.

Lunatic? It could equally be an infiltrator determined to discredit the protest.

But what was the protest for?

May not like the election result, and what it foretells, but that is not grounds to protest, not unless there was proven election fraud, or a government hanging on with no legitimacy. Like it or not, the Tories won the election, and the anti-austerity parties did not.

The time to take to the streets, to mobilise, is when Tories try to push through benefit cuts, when they privatise more of the NHS, when they try to give the go-ahead for airport expansion.

To protest today was pointless.

The protest today was not only pointless, it was counter productive, as it will give the government the excuse to clampdown on civil liberties.


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