David Cameron: I want five more years to finish the job

General Election 2015 final results

General Election 2015 final results

ToryLite - Ed Balls

ToryLite – Ed Balls

GE2015 fracking shares soar

GE2015 fracking shares soar

Every nation gets the government it deserves. — Joseph de Maistre

The opinion polls have come in for a lot of stick, how could they have got it so wrong? The exit poll was dismissed by the LibDems and Labour as nonsense. The reality proved even worse.

Opinion polls ask people how they intend to vote. An exit poll asks how people voted. The exit poll also took a much larger sample.

If the exit polls were bad, the result when the votes counted even worse.

  • Tories 331
  • Labour 232
  • SNP 56
  • LibDems 8
  • Plaid Cymru 3
  • Green Party 1
  • UKIP 1
  • others 18

Tories are 99 seats ahead of Labour.

For Labour, this is an even worse result than when Gordon Brown lost the General Election five years ago following the banking crisis. It is an even worse crisis than when labour lost seats under Neil Kinnock.

David Cameron asked for five more years to finish the job, and he got it. He got it with an increase in the number of seats and a Parliamentary majority.

The first to benefit of five more years, the banks and power companies saw their shares leap in value. They know they have a green light to screw their customers. Fracking companies saw the biggest jump in share price, knowing they have a green light to destroy the environment.

Five more years of kicking the poor, the sick, the marginalised, of NHS privatisation, of austerity, of zero hours contracts, of exploitation, of mass transference of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Tories told us they had reduced taxes. They had not. Not if you include income tax, VAT and other taxes. For the bottom taxes had increased by 2%, for the supposedly squeezed middle by a little less than 1%, for the top by 2%.

Austerity has been an unmitigated disaster.

IMF-EU-German imposed austerity on Greece has seen their economy shrink by 25%, debt has risen from 125% of GDP to 175% of GDP.

Austerity is recognised internationally as a failed policy.

Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman has detailed the failure of austerity. Warning a very long read.

But it depends upon your viewpoint. For the Tories, austerity is a huge success. Helped by their willing little helpers the LibDems, Tories used austerity to push through a neo-liberal agenda, an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, mass closure of public libraries (in Lincolnshire 30 out of 45 public libraries to close, the new Birmingham Library opened to much fanfare already on reduced hours), privatisation of NHS.

In Greece Syriza offered an alternative to austerity, in Spain Podemos do the same, as did SNP in Scotland.

In England, ToryLite aka Labour, offered a slightly watered down version of Tory austerity. In reality there was no difference, or very little difference, Tweedledee v Tweedledum, Tories v ToryLite, David Cameron v Ed Miliband, George Osborne v Ed Balls.

It was obvious at least a year ago, Ed Miliband was a disaster for Labour, as was Ed Balls.

It was obvious Ed Miliband would resign after the election

Both should have resigned, and Labour should have adopted a completely different agenda. They would then have had a realistic chance of defeating the Tories.

It was unbelievable crass stupidity of Ed Miliband to rule out talking to SNP.

During the Indy Ref in Scotland, there was mass participation, grass roots participation. This has translated through to SNP wiping the board in Scotland.

In Glasgow, Labour safe seats with majorities of over 10,000 fell. In one Glasgow seat a swing from labour to SNP of 39%.

Many in England would have voted for SNP, given half the choice.

The seven party debate, illustrated how out of touch with reality was Ed Miliband.

Austerity is not working. It is a failed policy.

The only time Ed Milliband came across as coherent, was in conversation with Russell Brand. Elsewhere, incoherent, meaningless sound bites.

What Ed Miliband failed to realise, and supporters of Russell Brand did, they would not touch Ed Miliband with a bargepole, and Russell Brand got a lot of stick for endorsing Labour. Supporters of Russell Brand (some of the most politically active in the country) want to see genuine radical change, not a pale imitation of the Tories.

People could not tell the difference between Tories and ToryLite. It was the lesser of two evils, nothing more.

Labour has supported TTIP.

Labour has supported austerity and benefit cuts.

Labour has supported HS2 gravy train.

Labour has failed to support deep cuts needed in carbon emissions.

Labour failed to support re-nationalization of railways.

Labour has failed to oppose expansion of aviation, in particular ruling out any additional runways in the south east.

Labour gave no indication it would get tough with the banks, break them up, put a few banksters in prison.

Labour are as embedded with Big Business as the Tories. How many have on secondment from PWC, writing their policies for them?

Had Labour adapted a more radical agenda, we would not be facing five more years of Tory Hell.

Ed Miliband has reigned, Ed Balls has lost his seat. The entire Labour front bench should resign.

Such was the contempt for the people, Labour was not even offering a Referendum on Europe.

Former Labour Minister Charles Clarke on BBC Radio 4 Any Questions this evening made the very valid point. Labour has lost touch with ordinary people.

Look to Podemos in Spain, or Syriza in Greece for radical parties.

Until Labour are prepared to start working with activists on the street, then they are a complete waste of space.

I suggest everyone in Labour read Revolution and This Changes Everything, as they then may have some understanding of the change required, until they do, they have merely demonstrated they have completely lost the plot.

For the rest of us, democracy is not something one does once every five years. For the rest of us Westminster is almost an irrelevance. For the rest of us, democracy is something you do every day, participation, direct action.

Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (Saturday 9 May 2015).

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