General Election 2015 Exit Poll

General Election 2015 exit poll

General Election 2015 exit poll

Conservatives largest party with 316 seats, Lab 239, LD 10, SNP 58, UKIP 2, Green 2, PC 4, Others 19.

An exit poll was conducted by NOP/MORI for the BBC, ITV and Sky of 22,000 people gives the following seats:

  • Tories 316
  • Labour 239
  • SNP 58
  • LibDems 10
  • Plaid Cymru 4
  • UKIP 2
  • Green Party 2
  • Others 19

This is different to what all the opinion polls were showing.


An opinion poll asks people how they will vote. It does means they will vote. An exit poll is of people who have voted.

Tories have increased their number of seats.

An astonishing result for SNP, to have taken all but one of the seats in Scotland.

LIbDems all but wiped out, and they deserve to be wiped out. Let us hope Nick Clegg has lost his seat.

It was sickening to hear the chair of the LibDems claim the LibDems went into coalition for the good of the country. Does she not understand, the country are sick of the LibDems, their lies and their complete lack of principles? LibDems would get into bed with ISIS, then claim they had reduced the number of be-headings.

Poor result for Labour. Labour failed to put forward a radical agenda.

Add Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green Party, still less seats than Tories.

Even if added God forbid LibDems, still less seats than Tories.

Tories have increased their seats. They are the largest party but still a minority. Even if the LibDems got into bed with them, they would have less seats than the last government due to the large number of seats lost by the LibDems.

The country cannot stomach five more years of Tories propped up by LibDems.

We now enter into the territory of a coup d’état, Murdoch claiming Tories won the election, only they can form a legitimate election, with David Cameron occupying Downing Street.

And unfortunately on the basis of the exit poll, Tories would on their own as a minority party have more seats than a radical alliance.

To command a majority in the House of Commons, Tories need 326 seats. With what is left of the LibDems, Tories would have 326 seats.

These results are very much what I predicted, SNP would wipe out LibDems and Labour in Scotland, that LibDems would be wiped out, that Green Party would get between one and three seats. I am though surprised that Tories have managed to increase their number of seats. I am not surprised at the poor showing of Labour, even with the last minute endorsement by Russell Brand. Labour should have been way ahead in the opinion polls, they were not, because no one could tell the difference, Tweedledee v Tweedledum, Tories v ToryLite. I would have expected UKIP to have performed better.

Yes, if we had been offered Syriza or Podemos, we would have had real choice, but that was not what was on offer. We had to make the best of a bad job.

This does not mean democracy ends today, until five years time, far from it, get active, participate, take direct action, set up social enterprises, open coops, contribute to the collaborate commons.

Note: A word of caution. These results are an exit poll. They are not the actual result based upon count of ballot papers.

Note: The exit polls give the election to David Cameron, but a small swing either way, could either give Tories a clear majority, or put an anti-austerity alliance in the running.

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