And now for the coup d’état

Stop the  coup d'état

Stop the coup d’état

It has been an honourable tradition, you lose the election, you resign with grace and humility, congratulate your opponent.

If the opinion polls are to be believed, there will be no outright winner.

Dark forces are at work.

For days, Murdoch, Barclay Brothers and Lord Rothermere have been proclaiming a win by Labour lacks legitimacy, Ed Miliband conning his way into Downing Street, a Labour-SNP government not a legitimate government. On the other hand, if David Cameron and the Tories cling onto power, that would be a legitimate government.

All of which is absolute nonsense.

The only government that has any legitimacy, is one that can command the support of the majority of seats in the House of Commons.

It could be Caroline Lucas, backed by SNP, Plaid Cymru and rebels from Labour. If she commanded support of the majority of Members of the House of Commons, she would be able to form the next government.

If David Cameron tries to cling on to power, and his government lacks legitimacy, lacks the support of the people, then there must be mass mobilisation of people to take to the streets to bring down what in essence would be a coup d’état, but not only occupy the streets, but also occupy tax dodgers like Starbucks and Vodafone, and target Big Business backers of the illegitimate government. Mobilisation would include the Trade Unions calling a General Strike.

Democracy does not begin and end with casting a vote today. That is a mere side issue, to decide who sits in the House of Commons. Democracy is something we do every day, we participate, we take direct action, we occupy. And we expect to get as much media attention as the mass media has given to the General Election.

Note: The exit polls give the election to David Cameron, but a small swing either way, could either give Tories a clear majority, or put an anti-austerity alliance in the running.

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