Guildford farmers market

Celtic Baker

Celtic Baker



Angel Gate

Angel Gate



Last night it chucked it down. I expected today to be paddling. But due to the strong winds, which got stronger during to day, it was dry.

Last market was an extra one for St George’s Day, due to it being an extra one, not on the usual day, and with lack of publicity, it was something of a disaster for the stallholders.

The wind chill made it very cold. And with stallholders hanging on to their stalls to stop them being blown away, the market was forced to close early.

Celtic Baker had once again run out of wholemeal bread.

The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak

Having visited The Royal Oak during a visit to the special St George’s day farmers market a couple of weeks ago and found they served excellent food, I decided upon The Royal Oak for lunch, only to find it was closed. Even more of a shock to find the new landlord had left.

Lunch at Glutton & Glee.

Glutton & Glee I would recommend for tea and coffee and cakes. But not for lunch. Pricey and nothing special.

cappuccino at Harris + Hoole

cappuccino at Harris + Hoole

Cappuccino and cookie in Harris + Hoole. Always excellent.

On my way to the farmers market, I popped in St Mary’s. One of those rare days when found open.

I had a long chat with a guy packing up a sound system. It had been the venue for Trinity Folk Festival. Originally held at Holy Trinity. But the acoustics bad. St Mary’s excellent.

I suggested although not folk, next time book Jewelia. I also told him of bandcamp.

I also learnt what horrified me, and I suspect will horrify most people.

St Mary’s has kindly offered to host a Methodist Church, but like too many abuse their hospitality.

St Mary’s has a Victorian porch. Nothing wrong with it, though could argue not of the age of the church. The Methodists want to rip it down, replace with what Prince Charles would call a carbuncle affixed to the front of the church. They want to rip up the graveyard at the front of the church (where people relax and eat their lunch) and convert to a meeting area. But worst still, they wish to destroy the graveyard at the back, which is a much valued and loved tranquil wildlife area and build a church hall.

The Methodists are loaded with money having sold their church for redevelopment, and now think they can lord it over St Mary’s.

I would tell the Methodists to sling their hook.

St Mary’s is the oldest church in Guildford. The tower Anglo-Saxon. It was from the tower the invading Normans were observed.

Something I noticed today, nailed above the entrance of the porch a scallop shell, symbol of El Camino de Santiago. I am curious. I will have to inquire.

Guildford farmers market is held on the first Tuesday of the month in Guildford High Street.

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