Milibrand: The Interview

Front page of the Daily Mail and The Sun this morning, smears of Russell Brand and Ed Miliband, inside more pages.

The cause of this muckraking from the gutter, was an interview Russell Brand of Ed Miliband for The Trews.

One could have been forgiven for thinking, the interview had been broadcast, had you not known better.

It had not, all that had been released was the trailer.

Such is the gutter technique of these two hate rags.

Why the hate?

Russell Brand has repeatedly exposed the tactics, the tax dodging of Murdoch with The Sun and Lord Rothermere with the Daily Mail.

Facts? Who needs facts when you can make it up, and the gullible brain-dead readers can be relied upon to regurgitate as facts.

I experienced this today, when having a drink with a friend. A moron on a neighbouring table got all excited about fracking (a wonderful idea), did not like SNP, who he claimed was in favour of fracking (they are not), that they were taking over in England (it was pointed out they were only standing in Scotland), but his coup de grâce, was to tell us that at this very moment, Alex Salmond was writing the Labour Party manifesto. When asked did he have an original thought of his own in his head, rather than regurgitate from mainstream media (no doubt The Sun), and that he ought to get out and about about a bit more, he kindly informed me he had travelled the world killing people and offered to kick my head in. A real charmer.

Why vote? Yes, the Suffragettes fought for votes for women, blood was shed, but why vote, if that vote is wasted, if Big Business is pulling the strings politicians whores for hire, prostituting to the highest bidder?

A spirited defence by Ed Milband, good examples given, NHS, workers rights (most of which the Tories have destroyed).

Ed Miliband also makes the point, would not have happened, could not have happened, without a push from the people.

People power matters.

Break up the banks, split casino banking from retail banking. Put a few bankers in prison.

Set up local, community owned and controlled power grids. Renewables feed into the local grid, get a fair guaranteed price, consumers pay a fair price, surplus from the local grid is fed to other local grids, any profit is either fed back into the local grid or goes to support local, social enterprises, open co-ops, collaborative commons. The Big Six would then become an irrelevance

Break up the media ownership. Limit what any one person or corporation can control.

If Ed Miliband genuinely wants to see people working with politicians, then let us see a genuine commitment to participatory democracy. Let us also see support for open coops, social enterprises, collaborative commons, all networking together.

If Ed Milband wants to see these things happen, then he has to be prepared to work with Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Green Party in a loose alliance. He also has to be prepared to end austerity.

Ed Miliband came accross quite well, a genuine conversation, not the usual  meaningless sound bites.  To his credit, he was willing to appear. This is probably the best interview Ed Milband has ever done.

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2 Responses to “Milibrand: The Interview”

  1. Adrien Labaeye (@alabaeye) Says:

    good interview maybe, but the in the core Miliband is a conform mainstream politician: he magistrally avoids to answer the question about whether HSBC bankers would go to jail… He isn’t a judge, but he could commit a bit more than nothing…

  2. keithpp Says:

    I agree, Tweedledee v Tweedledum, Cameron v Miliband. Is there a jot of difference between them? No.

    The entire Labour team, or ToryLite as they are known, are a disaster.

    Yes, we need to hit the bankers hard, HSBC is a corrupt criminal bank, where banksters should be in prison, not drawing obscene salaries.

    We did not need to bail out the banks to save small savers. It would have been cheaper to have bailed out small savers.

    No banking reforms were put in place.

    We need to break up the banks. If banks are too big to fail, then they are too big.

    We need to separate casino banking from retail banking.

    If a bankster takes risks, let the bank fail.

    In any other business, if take a risk and it fails, the business fails, you do not get bailed out (unless defence industry).

    We do not even need banks. Crowd fund, peer-to-peer lending.

    Establish social enterprises, open coops, collaborative commons.

    If you want to cut social spending, raise the minimum wage, stop subsidising bad employers.

    If HSBC wish to leave, then let us all collectively tell them to piss off.

    Iceland did not bail out the banks. Iceland let the banks go bust.

    The best we can hope for post-Election, is a minority Labour government, where all bad polices are vetoed by the minority parties, which is why we need all those who support Russell Brand to get out and vote Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Green Party.

    Green Revolution? Beyond Brighton, It’ll Take One

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