Rise in foodbanks

Trussell Trust food bank

Trussell Trust food bank

There are several successes we can attribute to the Tories, and their willing little helpers the LibDems, though some of their successes they would rather we did not know about.

They claim to have reduced taxes.

They have not, not if we include income tax, VAT, Bedroom Tax, loss of benefits.

The poor and the rich are about 2% worse off, the allegedly squeezed middle a fraction of one percent worse off.

Massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

During five years of austerity, those at the top of the Sunday Times Rich List have seen their wealth double.

Increase in jobs. Low paid, temporary, de-skilled, mind-numbing, zero hours McShit jobs.

Fastest recorded growth in food banks.

The number of Trussell Trust food banks has risen eight-fold in just five years, to 445. Its most recent accounts show an annual income of nearly £3.4 million.

Many of those dependent upon food banks, are caused by the arbitrary sanctions being handed out by Job Centres.

A question mark though needs to be raised against the Trussell Trust.

For the Trussell Trust, food banks have become Big Business. Their recent claim of a million people dependent upon food banks has proved to be false. They have handed out a million food parcels, not quite the same thing.

But it gets worse, they have been charging local volunteers and churches what amounts to little more than franchising fees, £1,500 to set up food banks. telling them the money is needed for ‘branding and PR’ and ongoing fees of £350 a year.

The pitch to prospective punters says:

We’ll provide you with all the tools, training and know-how that you need to start a foodbank so that people in crisis in your town don’t have to go hungry.

They are told they will be given a website, publicity materials and ‘opportunities to talk to the Press’ among other benefits.

Foodbanks are asked to make a £1,500 donation towards these costs.

Last week I found the baskets outside Waitrose Farnham had leaflets inside asking for donations to Trussell Trust. I have never seen a food bank in Farnham, or mention of on church notice boards, but I assume one must exit. But why not Waitrose donate the food?

Waitrose likes to project a green social image, workers are colleagues, partners in the busines, which in reality is little more than greenwash. John Lewis, outsources the cleaners who are on minimum wage (though this may change).

If you want to set up a food bank, you do not need Trussell Trust. In Lincoln, a church gets donations from farms, from shops, and serves it up to the homeless.

And why set up a food bank? Set up a social enterprise cafe, intercept waste food, serve as delicious meals on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis.

These social enterprises should also be helping the fight against benefit sanctions. Always appeal.

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One Response to “Rise in foodbanks”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Shame on Trussell Trust

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