Local Architecture in Watercolours and Prints

R H Foster

R H Foster

Local Architecture in Watercolours and Prints is an exhibition at the Guildford Institute by Susie Lidstone.

The exhibition captures in watercolours some of the wonderful buildings on the Surrey-Hampshire border.

A pity she had not painted The Tumbledown Dick before it was destroyed for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

Each painting has a few notes about the building, who owned it and how it came to be painted.

It was unfortunate the paintings were obscured by glass, reflections from the windows and lighting.

Why, oh why, oh why, do artists not know how to display their work to best effect?

The cobbler, R H Foster no long exists. It was a shop of many generations in Downing Street in Farnham next to the greengrocer (which does still exist). The last in the line asked that the shop be painted before it closed for the last time.

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5 Responses to “Local Architecture in Watercolours and Prints”

  1. Susie Lidstone Says:

    I am always interested to read your comments about my work. Thank you for coming to view the exhibition. I do not like using non reflective glass because it flattens out my work. Susie Lidstone

  2. keithpp Says:

    The solution is no glass.

    • Susie Lidstone Says:

      Hi Keith great to meet you today you are a hive of information about local buildings. As I mentioned when we were talking as many of my works are Watercolours and Limited edtion prints I can’t have them on display with no glass. Think we will have to agree to differ on this.!

  3. keithpp Says:

    You can have them on display without glass, but you choose not to.

    The question is, do you wish them to be seen or not? If not,why bother putting on display?

    No reputable gallery would put on display, hidden behind glass.

    But I have seen worse, covered with shrink-wrap plastic.

    • Susie Lidstone Says:

      As I said we will have to agree to differ. As to no reputable gallery having my work on display I have my work in quite a few galleries here and all over the world. And am working on commissions all the time from clients who are quite happy with the way I have my work displayed. But as always art is very personal to each and every one of us and you are intitled to your opinion.

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