The Real Junk Food Project Brighton

How much would you pay for food in a cafe which does not have any prices on the menu? And how would you decide what the price should be, if you knew the food you were going to be served was originally destined for the bin? That’s the dilemma facing customers of a new wave of cafes opening around the country. — Juliet Stott, The Guardian

Following on from the success of Skipchen in Bristol and Transition Community Cafe in Fishguard the idea is spreading.

The concept is simple, intercept food that would otherwise go to waste and serve up as delicious food on a pay-what-you-like basis. Even if you pay nothing, you have still contributed as you have stopped food going to waste.

Real Junk Food Brighton is currently in an embryonic stage, they serve up fresh crushed juices at the farmers market in Churchill Square (to be replaced by a second pop up café), a pop up café in a church, but they need something more permanent.

They are using crowdfunding to raise the funds, but sadly it has been very illthought through in what they are offering as incentives. One obvious would be a meal when open.

They would have been wiser to use StartJoin or FairCoin, both of which support support community projects.

FairCoin and Robin Hood Hedge Fund are looking for projects like Real Junk Food Brighton to give money to.

Where will it be? They do not say. The obvious location would be in North Laine, as there are lots of visitors, and they would carry away the idea.

I would hope if they serve coffee, they source high quality coffee beans, and employ a skilled barista. Look to Taylor St Baristas.

I would question why the famers market is held in Churchill Square, where it is tacky High Street chains. North Laine would be a far superior location.

Russell Brand has recently opened the Trew Era Cafe in Hoxton (Hackney).

The concept of social enterprises is spreading, grass-roots, community owned and run, serving the needs of the local economy. We now need to see them network with each other. The gift, sharing ecenomy, collaborative commons in action.

Real Junk Food Brighton will not be the first zero-waste restaurant in Brighton. That accolade goes to Silo in North Laine, for which The Guardian had a highly pretentious review.

Pay what you think it is worth is not restricted to restaurants and intercepted food turned into delicious meals. It works in music too. Many of the artists on bandcamp operate on a pay what you think it is worth, with the fans having the option to pay more. And it works, the artists do not get ripped off.

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