Afternoon in Farnham

Gostrey Meadow

Gostrey Meadow

On the way to Farnham, whilst waiting for the bus, sun obscured by smoke, hazy with smoke.

Bus failed to show, then two buses, as a result had to wait for next bus to Farnham,

In the distance, columns of smoke, massive heathland fire.

These fires happen when it is a dry spring, lots of dry undergrowth.

I say happen, someone has started the fires.

Late to Farnham, but luckily the butcher open, last week missed the butcher.

Cold but sunny in Farnham.

Revolution half price in Waterstone’s. Now the paperback published they are selling off the hardbacks. Seems dumb. I saw one last week, luckily still there. Hardback cheaper that the paperback.

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