The Trew Era Cafe

Revolution - Russell Brand

Revolution – Russell Brand

The Trew Era Cafe

The Trew Era Cafe

A social enterprise cafe on the New Era Estate in Hoxton (Hackney).

The Trew Era Cafe was one of the outcomes of the campaign by residents on the New Era Estate to save their tenancies, save the estate, from being destroyed by greedy rapacious Rachman landlords who were wanting to triple their rents and drive them off the estate.

The tenants fought back.

Initially financed by Russell Brand with proceeds from Revolution.  It is expected to become self-financing, part of a network of mutually supporting social enterprises.

Excellent that emphasis on quality and organic.

I trust quality coffee beans, from quality roasters, and skilled baristas who know how to make coffee.

Well done Hackney Council for making land available to grow produce for The Trew Era Cafe.

People with allotments or gardens, could supply produce, maybe in return get a free meal or coffee.

Intercept waste from farms and supermarkets, turn into delicious meals on a pay-what-you-can basis. Better than food banks, as retains dignity, not having to beg for food.

Autonomous people, ideally open coops, or small businesses, supplied with beehives who will supply the honey, who will supply the produce, each supporting each other, giving local people meaningful employment, recycling money within the local economy.

How about occasional live music evenings?

The Trew Era Cafe is one of many social enterprises, contributing to the collaborative commons, that are now springing up.

Top story in Yum Coffee (Sunday 5 March 2015).

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