Scandal of Rushmoor running street markets in Aldershot and Farnborough

Aldershot and Farnborough Markets

Aldershot and Farnborough Markets

By registering with the UK’s leading market operator Town and Country Markets, to trade at Aldershot market you will be a step ahead of other market traders. — Town and Country Markets

In recent months Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has taken over from Town and Country Markets the running of street markets in Aldershot and Farnborough. Although Town and Country Markets are still advertising that they are running the markets. Having cut out the middle man, the pitch fees should have gone down, but no, it has been used as an excuse to hike fees.

Farnborough used to have a massive market. Of recent years, a ghost of the market it once was. Destroyed by the local council getting into bed with greedy property developers KPI/St Modwen and destroying the town centre. The market, together with many small businesses, destroyed overnight.

In Aldershot, the market destroyed by Wastegate, which has laid waste to the town centre, leaving in its wake boarded-up shops.

These factors, destruction of town centres, loss of footfall, should have led to massive rent reductions.

One stallholder, for Aldershot and Farnborough, is now being forced to pay £450 a week. A shop could be rented for less.

They have been forced to pay for gazebos, which no stallholder wanted as they already have their own awnings.

An advantage if you are a new stallholder, but otherwise no.

For one stallholder, an unnecessary expenditure of £1,000 which has to be paid off through an addition to their weekly rent.

The gazebos are flimsy and lightweight, a danger to stallholders and passers-by in strong winds.

On Tuesday the Farnborough market was cancelled due to strong winds. The council lacked insurance cover (or were not prepared to provide cover). The stallholders all have their own public liability cover, and were covered.

No one has ever heard of the market being cancelled before. A loss of income for stallholders.

The stallholders are being forced to pay the council for bins for their rubbish.

The bins are provided by Veolia. The stallholders could pay direct to Velioa, instead they have to pay a cut to the council over and above what they would have paid had they paid direct .

Strict rules are being applied to when the stallholders pack up at the end of the day.

It is reasonable to have rules that stallholders cannot pack up early (exceptional circumstances permitted) as it causes chaos and destroys a market. This is what was happening in Farnborough, with the market packing up earlier and earlier, until eventually it was packing up at lunchtime.

What is not acceptable is a worthless jobsworth strutting around ordering stalls to pack up at the end of the day, when there are people on the street buying and the stall has produce to sell. And the shops are still open and trading.

The council is also dictating to the stalls who they employ. That they have to have gender, race and age balance. For example a mix of ages on a stall.

Ridiculous conditions. A stall employs whoever is capable of working on a stall. Long hours, antisocial hours, often in atrocious weather conditions. One stall employs junkies and offenders. Probably the only work they can get.

And who is paying for the smart new trailer, and at least two jobsworths in charge of the trailer, and presumably at least another worthless jobsworth to manage and supervise the two running the trailer?

The council has no experience of running a market stall, they could not run a piss-up in a brewery, and as we have seen with one councillor too pissed out of his brain to run a pub, and yet they are now running a market.

A well run market market brings people into a town centre, as can be seen in

  • Winchester – Wednesday and Friday
  • Guildford – Friday and Saturday

The net result of Rushmoor running the market, is that in Aldershot stallholders have already pulled out. Others are considering their position, as with all the additional costs and conditions the council is now imposing, their stalls are no longer viable and they are working as unpaid serfs for the council.

What we are seeing is yet another sickening example of the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor carrying out ethnic cleansing of small businesses.

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One Response to “Scandal of Rushmoor running street markets in Aldershot and Farnborough”

  1. keithpp Says:

    A Saturday market for a trial period in Aldershot.

    Half a dozen stalls at best, few people on the street,

    A disaster, but the local council can be relied upon to claim a success. The stallholders would beg to differ.

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