The ITV Leaders Debate

Ed Miliband yearned for a TV debate that would be his audition for the role of prime minister. As it turned out, sharing the stage with six others, he struggled even to be leader of the opposition. — Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Nicola Sturgeon was stellar, as ever: Leanne Wood good. Natalie Bennett was as amateurish as usual, but that won’t worry Greens. — Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

Never done before, seven party leaders.

If you missed the intro, you probably thought you’d landed upon yet another ghastly game show.

The two main parties Conservatives and Labour, the unprincipled LibDems who will get into bed with anyone, and and then the fringe parties, UKIP, Scottish National Party, the Welsh lot and the Green Party, though SNP and Green Party would probably argue with some justification that they are no longer fringe parties.

What did it show?

That there is no difference between Tories and ToryLite.

That Nick Clegg is the world’s biggest hypocrite. One could be forgiven for thinking, but did not the unprincipled party support every bad Tory policy.

Unbelievable crass comment from Nick Clegg that Labour crashed the economy (even less was it Ed Miliband). No, it was the greedy bankers who crashed the economy. This one crass comment shows the contempt Clegg has for the electorate, who he treats as though they are stupid.

Nigel Farage was criticised for highlighting NHS treats foreign nationals, but he was only stating fact.

In Europe, yes you will get treatment, see a doctor, but you have to show how you are going to pay, either cash, insurance cover or an EHIC card and show some means of ID such as Passport or ID card.   There is absolutely no reason why we cannot implement a similar system in UK.

David Cameron once again came out with his big lie of promising an EU Referendum (sometime in the vague future). Ed Miliband his contempt for the British people by denying a referendum. We could have that referendum now, in the May elections.

Natalie Bennett did marginally well, better than expected, public speaking and addressing an audience are not her strong points, but a lost opportunity as Caroline Lucas would have performed far better.

The one real big thing put across by the fringe parties, there is an alternative to austerity, austerity is not working.

For most people, this message would be new.

Then a tacky discussion on BBC Radio 4 World Tonight ten o’clock news on who faired best, David Cameron or Ed Miliband.

Oh it would never do, a discussion on there being an alternative to austerity.

When it was announced, a seven party debate sounded like a gimmick. It has proved not to be. A cosy debate between the two main parties is no longer acceptable. The broadcasters need a radical rethink, all future debates have to include all seven parties. The people are being offered a real choice. A vote for a fringe party is no longer a wasted vote. A vote for the main parties is a wasted vote, as will simply be business as usual, more austerity, austerity used as excuse for Shock Doctrine, slashing of public services, public library closures, welfare cuts, transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich and more power to global corporations.

We are likely to see a minority Labour government, supported by and vetoed where necessary by the fringe parties.

We have yet to see a real political shift, a revolution, as we have seen in Greece with Syriza seizing power, and are likely to see in Spain if Podemos come to power.

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3 Responses to “The ITV Leaders Debate”

  1. Robert Bridge Says:

    Reblogged this on Democracy and World Peace? and commented:
    TV debates about UK politics.

  2. keithpp Says:

    A wonderful breath of fresh air, Caroline Lucas on BBC Radio 4 Any Questions. A glimpse of what could have been had the Green Party had the good sense to put Caroline forward for the Seven Party Election Debate last week.

  3. keithpp Says:

    Five Party Debate

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