Santiago Apóstol

Santiago Apóstol

Santiago Apóstol

Santiago de Compostela, is one of the most important sites in Christianity, and the destination for pilgrims, because within Catedral de Santiago  lies the remains of Santiago Apóstol, the Apostle James, brother of John the Baptist, and follower of Jesus.

Apostle James travelled far, as far as what is now Spain and Portugal. On his return, he was executed by Herod, and his body dismembered. Two of his followers, gathered up his remains, and set sail in an unseaworthy boat. They somehow traversed the Mediterranean, passed through the Straits of Gibraltar, and were shipwrecked in Galicia.

James was entombed, later by his side, his two followers.

Several hundred years later 820 AD, the hermit Pelagius discovered the tombs and conveyed his finds to the Bishop Theodemir. News reached King Alfonso II who ordered a chapel be built, now Catedral de Santiago.

The remains of St James are now in a niche in a casket in a tiny crypt.

Each day at midday a special mass in Catedral de Santiago for pilgrims who have walked El Camino de Santiago.

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