Illegal to erect rooftop solar arrays

In Galicia, the system used to be, generate your own renewable electricity, instead of selling it to the big energy company, supply them, they supply you, and all you pay for is the difference.

That was the system, it worked. it encouraged the installation of rooftop solar arrays.

That was the system, but it was scrapped. Not only was it scrapped, but the regional government at the behest of the big energy companies who cannot compete with rooftop solar arrays, has made it illegal to install rooftop solar arrays.

Time for Podemos, time for local, community controlled grids. Fair price for suppliers, fair price for consumers. Only the surplus from the local grid would be fed into the national grid.

Local, community controlled grids put local communities in charge, put out of business big grids, big power companies.

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3 Responses to “Illegal to erect rooftop solar arrays”

  1. keithpp Says:

    I can think of nothing worse than an Uber or airbnb for electricity.

    It simply replaces one abusive power relationshi with another abusive power relationship.

    The way forward is local, community comtrolled grids.

  2. Illegal to erect rooftop solar arrays | Keithpp’s Blog | WORLD ORGANIC NEWS Says:

    […] via Illegal to erect rooftop solar arrays | Keithpp’s Blog. […]

  3. keithpp Says:

    UK households used 14% less energy last year but still paid more

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