Concierto de saxofones en el Teatro Timanfaya

Teatro Timanfaya matinee concerts

Teatro Timanfaya matinee concerts

Cuarteto de Saxofones Iarmolo

Cuarteto de Saxofones Iarmolo

Cuarteto de Saxofones Iarmolo en concierto en el Teatro Timanfaya.

A midday concert at Teatro Timanfaya. Surprisingly for a concert in the middle of the day on a pleasant day, was full, or almost full.

A concert with all the same instruments, music transposed to instruments for which it was not written, tends not to work, and that was very much the case with Cuarteto de Saxofones Iarmolo.

It was like a brass band with most of the instruments missing. Indeed they would have been better playing in a bandstand out in the open air, or in Plaza Charco.

Two pieces by Astor Piazzolla, failed to capture the mood of Astor Piazzolla, worse still, murdered Astor Piazzolla and it was torture to listen to.

Contrast with Nothing Can Prepare, Steve Lawson on bass and Andy Williamson on sax.

I love the way the sax appears from the back of the church and slowly meanders to the front and the use of the acoustics of the church.

Many, many years ago, sometime late 1960s, early 1970s, I heard an amazing album, it was a saxophone recorded in Grace Cathedral, making use of echo in the cathedral. I still have it somewhere on reel-to-reel tape. Sadly I have never been able to find it on the net.

I mention this unknown album, as Believe In Peace by Steve Lawson brings back fond memories. The difference being Steve Lawson uses a bass guitar and tape loops. A pity he did not make use of a building as Gregory Paul did with The Fremont Abbey Session.

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