Tortellini espinachas

tortellini espinachas

tortellini espinachas

Don Camilo

Don Camilo

Not good, a very poor example of tortellini. Not the delicacy I woud have expected, the spinach outside, not wrapped inside. Covered in a rather disgusting tomatao sauce, which made it even worse.

Tortellini not to the standard one would expect from a good Italian restaurant.

A cold night, restaurant cold with doors wide open.

Service poor, long wait between being handed a menu and taking my order.

Cakes are excellent at Don Camilo, but I certainly cannot recommend the tortellini.

I decided though to skip the cake, and pop in Agora across the plaza and have a tea and a cake. No tea, not served in the evening, no coffee either, so no cake, I settled for a beer.

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