EU bullying of Greece

Greece demo Trafalgar Square

Greece demo Trafalgar Square

Greek bus stop

Greek bus stop

It’s not the Greek government or Greece that they are playing with, but Europe, and its future. — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

At the weekend massive demonstration in Athens in support of Syriza, not only Athens, across Europe, including London.

A couple of days ago, Syriza refused to back down in the face of German led, EU bullying.

It is reported that ‘Germany is said to be pressuring the ECB not to allow any extra emergency funding, as part of efforts to convince Athens to agree to extend its international bailout’.

It is vital that across Europe we continue to defend the democracy of the people of Greece and oppose the blackmail and jack boot tactics.

Direct message from Euclid Tsakalotos, the Greek Minister of Internal Economic Affairs in the negotiations in Brussels with explanation of the breakdown:

As you may have heard things did not go well. There was a compromise deal brokered by Juncker and agreed to by Draghi and Lagarde and Moscovici. But it was sunk by Djisselbloem, presumably on German pressure. In the eurogroup meeting and the subsequent press conference, there was little help from either Lagarde or Moscovici

They say => complete the existing programme with some flexibility in implementation on our part but they never tell us what this flexibility will entail. On the contrary, they say sign first and then we will discuss with you areas of flexibility

We say => give us a bridging programme and we have spelt out our commitments not only during the bridging period but also for the essential elements of the new compact with our partners long term

We have done our best to reach a reasonable compromise. What we have faced is naked power and blackmail.

Note: The bus-stop sign shows how the existing austerity programme which Syriza was elected to reverse is killing the country. You could add a number of other cruel disasters, e.g. that unemployment for under 25s is 58%, that well over 100,000 small businesses have gone to the wall, that hundreds of thousands have been forced into ‘exile’, that there has been a significant rise in heart disease, especially in women.

Note: Please pass it to all who might help influence public opinion in the days to come.

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2 Responses to “EU bullying of Greece”

  1. keithpp Says:

    rexit: Win for both EU and Greece?

    Germany rejects Greek loan request as “not substantial”

  2. keithpp Says:

    An example of German bullying.

    Popular tabloid Bild has a full page spread featuring pictures of Vladimir Putin and Alexis Tsipras with the headline: “The Russian or the Greek: who is more dangerous for us?” Underneath it says: “Europe is in the most difficult crisis it’s seen for decades — because two heads of government are aggressively demonstrating their power.”

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