We Are Not Merkel’s Colony

We Are Not Merkel's Colony

We Are Not Merkel’s Colony

Big demonstration in Athens last night

We Are Not Merkel’s Colony

Germany is doing all it can to kill the Syriza revolution in Greece, barely two weeks old.

It is not for Germany or the EU to dictate to Greece. A point people across Europe need to make very clear, we are all Greeks now.

Austerity does not work. It was used as an excuse to loot Greece.

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One Response to “We Are Not Merkel’s Colony”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Who governs a country? Is it the people who live in it, or a government chosen by them, or is it an international elite of financial interests and the institutions which serve them?

    The system is broke, it is broke beyond reform.

    We need radical reform, we need to kick out the corrupt political elites, the greedy bankers, the tax evading oligarchs.

    We need to devolve power to the grass roots, citizens running their won affairs, Open Coops, Open Commons, participatory democracy.

    Any such change here will require the co-operation and creative dynamism of a wide range of voices, groups and individuals. What Syriza in Greece, the Radical Independence Campaign in Scotland and Podemos in Spain all have in common is this range of constituent elements. They include radical leftists, trade unionists, social democratic, greens, liberals, NGOs, community groups, and many who have come into politics for the first time or very recently (even, in some cases, democratic conservatives).

    The Change: How? conference (8 February 2015) in London will be unprecedented in bringing together in this country just such a range of voices committed to real systemic change from across the political and cultural spectrum. Whether or not it leads to anything will be up to us, but we already know from Greece, that this is what he politics of hope looks like.


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