Is the ConDem Government fracking us?

George Osborne has told his colleagues to intervene, intervene, intervene on behalf of fracking.

George Osborne has provided fracking with generous tax allowances.

David Cameron falls over backwards to promote fracking whenever he can.

A government acting for fracking, not the public, not the environment.

A government that censors a report on fracking.

A government acting for their paymasters.

A government in bed with the fracking industry.

Time to get dirty money out of politics.

Chris Smith is to carry out an independent study of fracking. This is the same Chris Smith who has suggested fracking take place in National Parks. The ‘independent study’ is to be funded by the fracking industry. So much for an independent study.

New York carried out an independent study, found fracking was not safe, and imposed a ban. So what use a study by Chris Smith funded by the industry?

Fracking is not safe, is bad for the environment:

  • pollution of ground water
  • high demand on local water sources
  • earthquakes
  • release of methane
  • industrialisation of the countrsyide

Fracking releases methane a greenhouse gas. Fracking opens up cracks in the rocks to release the fracked gas, toxic chemicals are injected into the fractures.

Fracked gas will be sold in Europe, it will have little if any impact on gas prices in UK.

Strange how ‘misinformation being spread’, the phrase used by David Cameron, is the same phrase used by his paymasters, same phrase used by apologists for fracking.

The only misinformation being spread is that by the fracking industry and its apologists.

No problems, been used for decades.

Not true, novel techniques, hydraulic fracking, horizontal drilling, toxic fluids. Not the same as conventional drilling.

Little evidence of water contamination or other problems.

Little evidence due to light touch regulation, little monitoring, exemption from reporting, exemption from protection of water sources.

And we do of course trust the industry.

We saw this with BP and Deepwater Horizon disaster.

We have seen it in the Amazon, with massive oil spills and toxic dumping by ChevronToxico.

The future lies with locally controlled and owned power grids, fed by renewables, with guaranteed feed-in tariffs, only the surplus fed into the National Grid. There are several hundred such schemes in Germany.

One such scheme is REPOWERBalcombe. Balcombe having seen mass anti-fracking protest a couple of years ago.

Such schemes of course attract generous tax concessions, as does fracking? Er, no.

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2 Responses to “Is the ConDem Government fracking us?”

  1. keithpp Says:

  2. keithpp Says:

    Prospects for fracking in Britain are “bleak” as the industry loses ground

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