Greece: The end of austerity

Syriza leader addresses a rally

Syriza leader addresses a rally

I have spent twice ten days in Greece, in close connection with the young cadre of Syriza and have been rather impressed by both their open-mindedness and their integrity. — Michel Bauwens

Europe acquiesced in an austerity programme that pushed the continent towards deflation, only a party of former Trotskyists, eco-warriors and Occupy protesters stood its ground. — Paul Mason

Syriza had twenty-two days to make history. This is how they did it. Theopi Skarlatos followed Syriza’s activists, candidates and leadership from the waterfront, to remote mountain villages, to the nail biting final days.

An independent documentary directed by Theopi Skarlatos.

With crowd funding, could be a feature length film, documenting how Syriza handles EU intimidation.

Maybe try StartJoin, as this would appear to be an ideal StartJoin project.

Athens was the birthplace of democracy.

We are now seeing in Greece, the re-birth of democracy. Not the sham democracy where every few years we are asked to decide which political elite get their snouts in the trough.

The Greek people have overthrown a corrupt political elite. A corrupt political elite who sold out their own country to the EU, who were prepared to sell off the assets of the country on the cheap, who tried to turn the people into beggars and paupers, slaves for a global market.

Greece has acquired an unlikely ally.

A couple of days ago, the Governor of the Bank of England warned Germany to back off, said austerity was not working.

Greeks are in the vanguard of the fight against austerity and EU imposed privatisation.

Greeks will not back down. They will stand firm against EU and German bullying as although it will be tough, they know the alternates under the EU jackboot with Made in Germany writ on the sole are far worse.

The onus is now on us to support the Greeks in their fight with the EU.

Please join with others and sign the letter of solidarity in support of the Greeks.

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