Cold morning in Lincoln

Sincil Street in the snow

Sincil Street in the snow

The Strait

The Strait

The Strait

The Strait

A cold morning in Lincoln, though not as cold as I expected.

I arrived mid-morning. It was snowing, it had been snowing overnight.

None too pleasant in the snow. Cold and wet, slushy underfoot, and very slippery.

Stokes on High Bridge at midday for a cappuccino and a cookie. No sooner was I seated, than it stopped snowing.

Then The Collection and Stokes at The Collection.

An iSomething device at The Collection, interactive guide to the museum. Sounds like a good idea or is it an appalling waste of public money?

Device with interactive display on various exhibits. Pay one pound to use.

As far as I could tell, iSomething embedded within something else.

An appalling waste of public money. Cost of iSomething, then custom hardware to enclose it.

Whatever was developed, make available as an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Everyone has a iPhone, smart phone, iPad or tablet, local wifi, download, and use within The Collection.

If wish to be really clever, could have bluetooth, interact with displays, shows appropriate material on device.

Simple and obvious.

At least simple and obvious to anyone who does not work in local government. But then they never listen to what anyone says unless it is overpaid consultants.

But instead money wasted on custom hardware.

Stokes at The Collection

Stokes at The Collection

Stokes at The Collection has various live music events, jazz, folk, album launches.

I suggested Jewelia, and that if the artists they host wish to reach a wider audience, not get ripped off, then use bandcamp.

Lunch at Stokes on High Bridge. Arrived a little before two o’clock, not served until after two, to be told too late for lunch, gone two. Not good. Lunch that was available, was pretty disgusting. Not the high standards usually associated with Stokes.

By mid-afternoon, snowing again.

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