Cold morning in Lincoln

Lincoln Station

Lincoln Station

Sincil Street

Sincil Street

It was not as cold as I expected, as I was in Lincoln before nine o’clock, though still very cold.

Nothing opens until nine o’clock, and in Sincil Street ten o’clock.

In Sincil Street, the market traders were getting their stalls ready, Curtis open, Cafe 44 and that was about it.

Not that there are many shops left in Sincil Street, many boarded-up shops. The blame lies with Lincoln City Council and Lincoln Co-op. Sincil Street is blighted with plans to demolish. And for what? A shopping centre no one wants. A shopping centre with the same rubbish shops as every Clone Town. For which an old street, with indy shops, with character, is being destroyed.

Stokes on High Bridge around nine o’clock. Had I known they were open earlier, I would have gone there earlier. They were very quiet. Bacon bap and a cappuccino. Excellent bacon, and of course excellent coffee.

Then to Lincoln Station for ten o’clock.

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