Syriza: Hope has won

Syriza flag

Syriza flag

Wonderful result from Greece.

Syriza 37% of the vote, one seat short of a majority.

Watching as the poll results rolled in, the mainstream media was clueless as to what was going on.

Is Occupy, Hard Left?


Left-Right are meaningless.

A large transfer of power to grass roots.

Revolution in the truest sense of the word.

37% of the vote, one seat short of a majority.

The fight back has begun.

No surprise, David Cameron first to put the boot in, once the result known.

Greece has been bastardised by EU and Germany, now they are saying enough is enough, and they speak for the whole of Europe.

Paul Mason

Keen eyed watchers of the Greek media will have seen that, as I attempted to throw a question to Syriza’s number two politician, Rena Douro, she grabbed me by the ears and kissed me. I’d shouted “A long way from Syntagma Square!” because I first interviewed her as a bedraggled protester there, amid tear gas.

As she is the Prefect of Attica, this is the Greek equivalent of being kissed by Boris Johnson.

I persisted with questions: “What next? How can you govern?” But Ms Douro replied simply “Thank you for being here.”

It’s a bit of a stir among the 50-odd other microphone-toting Greek press pack, who did not get kissed, and happened in front of about 100 cameras, so I thought I’d better mention it.

Did spineless Ed Miliband join Occupy on the streets, the protesters outside Parliament, call for protest to be allowed outside Parliament?


Ed Miliband has not evenn had the courtesy to congratulate, but then he wouldn’t would he, as it would only be to draw to attention failed ToryLite policies, anything but radical.

Caroline Lucas was there, but no one from ToryLite front bench. On the other hand ToryLite earlier this month voted with ConDem government for austerity.

Contrast with Rena Douro who Paul Mason mentions, she was on the streets being tear gassed protesting against austerity.

According to George Osborne ‘high risks for us’. Who are the us, is this the we are all in it together? The high risk is for those who have been benefiting from austerity.

BBC reporter Robert Preston, on containing the contamination. But at least BBC are now referring to radical left, not hard left.

Germans on the street, Greeks have made the wrong decisions.

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